Sunday, March 13, 2011

touch and go

lama sungguh tak update blog.
terlalu banyak kerja?
banyak kali dah nak update tapi line selalu lambat..dah taip separuh jalan, lepas tu offline.
sigh. banyak dah entry tertunggak.
ok lah, ni pun tak dapat singgah lama.
as the title suggests: touch and go.

just few things:

-> whatever condition you are in, please remember to stay positive and think positive, especially towards Allah azzawajalla

->life can't always be as how you want it to be, no matter how careful you've planned on it. because Allah decides everything. but believe that what He decides, is the BEST for you. =)

(basically, these are based on my current situation. pray that i can stay positive and be extra-hardworking and with extra-effort to seek for mardhatiLLAh..)

assalamualaikum.. have a nice and blessed day...insyaAllah ('',)