Friday, October 30, 2009

of milk and cats

i've been missing oyin..i'm longing to caress and pat a pet, cat in particular..mum called me several days ago n told me about how oyin has become cuter and adorable..

oyin in pet society?'s too artificial.i want something real!

and i got it this few mornings!! yeaa..nope, nobody send any cat o kitten to my house..

d morning air was much nice the other day so i decided to go for cycling wif my pink bike of course.went for several rounds in the college and bahtera compound.but then i stopped at the house by the end of the road, in the same row of our bahtera house.ya, d one wif brown gate n d one organized open house during eid last time (but not for us.haha).

...bcoz i saw a few adorable creatures crawling in the bushes and on the road.

they are kittens!! happy indeed!! jump3!! haha..this morning i went again to look for them and play with them. =D

two oranges, two black and whiteys, and four much younger lil kittens..
the oranges and black+whiteys succeeded on jumping over the drain but the littluns aren't having enuf courage and will..tho i can see how much they wanted to jump over and play on the road.haha..cute littluns!!

oh! and today actually i found another two kittens.far younger than those at the house wif d brown gate.very pitiful.guess they just lost their mother.they seem so hungry and i've decided to get some milk for them.

went back home and prepared d milk, put in kfc container.cycled back to the pitiful kittens.
the chubbier one, black and white, drank some of the milk, while the other seem not to be fond of it.wondering~and she's also shivering.wondering~

since they don't drink much so i think better to give it to the bunch of cute, adorable, active kittens at the house wif brown gate.hence i cycled back there.

instead of running for me, the older ones came approaching the bicycle! haha..they started to scratch and scratch the tyre..jumping up and down.LOL! having much fun wif them.ahaks~ even took one orangey and put him in the basket.cycled within the area.he's fine.once stopped he jumped to the ground.nice ride huh? =D

when i offered d milk, they drink it!one of them even lick on my finger coz there's some milk on it.dun worry, i've got my dettol sanitizer wif me. =D

i helped one of the little kitten who can't cross the drain.she shriek, rather then she is happy wif d milk as well. =D

and moment later, i can she that she managed to jump over the drain herself! way to go cutie kitty!! =D

much contented! i luv cats and kittens and rasulullah s.a.w. also fond of them, rite =D

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

minggu belajar

semester ini sesi kuliah sudah pun selesai.sekarang masa untuk para pelajar mengulang kaji segala pelajaran yang telah diperolehi mahupun tidak untuk semua subjek yang bakal diduduki untuk peperiksaan nanti....

alhamdulillah, tidak terlalu banyak dugaan mahupun kesulitan yang dialami oleh saya sepanjang semester ini. untuk tugasan individu, berpasangan jua berkumpulan, semuanya sudah selesai. pening juga kepala masa hendak selesaikan soalan-soalan objektif bagi subjek 'language test' tempoh hari.tapi semua dah pun siap.markah? alhamdulillah...

jadi sekarang, tak boleh terlalu selesa dan berehat terlalu banyak meskipun tiada lagi sesi kuliah.sekarang ini lah sebenarnya masa yang amat menguji disiplin dan tanggung jawab individu, terhadap diri sendiri.maksudnya, sama ada diri menggunakan masa yang diperuntukkan dengan betul atau sebaliknya.

dalam erti kata lain, tidak boleh salah guna masa lapang tapi perlu pastikan semua pelajaran sudah diulang kaji. kepada semua rakan seperjuangan, selamat berusaha dan berjaya. =)

[ahahaa..mode nk tulis cam budak skema dlm bahasa melayu..ok x? ]

Monday, October 26, 2009


my friend advised me not to upset my ownself. i shall take her words.i will not put any hope, nor having any false expectation.

still, i'll enjoy d 'cheecky' amusing myself quietly.hihi..(yet, must be careful :P)
so dat one day perhaps when i remembered about it, i'll smile n say: yaa, another nice memory..hihi..

saw him just now.uh!~ in d library.wif his friend. he's smiling at d moment.uh. oh..
n i feel funny to myself.because earlier in d early morning i dreamt of seeing him!. even told my rumet: eh, maknenye mimpi je laa jumpa dia td..ahaa.
but it turns out dat i see him, so dat's wat makes me smile.haha

dat's ol..tq.. :P

Friday, October 23, 2009

gelak gatai!!!

-ok!! nape mesti kena teringat masa kem tu??rofl~
-sape kantoi dgn sape skrg ni sbenarnye?? rofl~
-aku suka tengok je.dat's final.

sekian terima kasih.


p/s: hitam (baju melayu) memang best!! x kesah kalo dok kt mamak pon.rofll!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

daun pisang punya cerita

mila da lama ngidam nasi daun pisang.
sume plan da buat.tunggu ketua chief.ayam pon da ready.

-yogi, jess, sharm, ina potong2 ingredients
-mila, ruhi, ck pegi umah makcik durian amek daun pisang -tima kasih makcik!!-

later start cooking.sue also come to help

eating time!!! after asar prayer, all join up.
-sharm, ck, jess, yogi serve d food =D
-jialing takes photos..(sorry, can't be published.ladies ^-^) oh!! n she uses fingers, not spoon n fork! clap3 for cute jiajia..

we got kari ayam..kuah kacang panjang..peria goreng(first time saya rasa!)


n my most fav: papadom yg besar, rangup dan sedap!! =D
ella oso join.ima can't make as micel..

chien made extra chicken curry 4 sharm.later chien, jialing helps to clean up d stove n kitchen.sue, jess, ck, do d dish washing.others too..
tp pinggan xyah basuh.daun pisang maa..hahaa

above all: it was superb!!! hugs n kisses to dearest housemate!!

p/s: sape kata girls cohort 4 xde life? :P

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


to Him..
sometimes it's really hard
sometimes almost give up..
o i beg, give me d strength

Sunday, October 18, 2009


why is it my name never appear? is it a bad memory of befriend wif me?

-see..u wif ur negative thinking again..

(dat's y i write it ere, as to let it out yet not really out heart needs escapism or else it'll blow out inside n i dun really fond of dat)

Friday, October 16, 2009


being with my dearest cohort 4 classmates gives me a chance to experience all d taste of friendship.
a blend, total mixture with its own uniqueness...

highly sweet of syrup, burning spicy and hot, sour and bitter.. but all wrapped in a great feeling and flavour.

thanks, ya Rabbi, for i had d chance..

thanks to all elements and components of cohort 4, that create the marvelous n amazing molecule!!

tribute to suzana's video.. (^,^) -----click here!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

heavy heart

-d feeling is not nice. d acknowledgment of self mistakes.
not that i'm aiming for perfection. juz hoping to be normal.without negative manner.
releasing a deep sigh of tiresome.

dear myself.i get paid 4 wat ive done.try to think less about wat has happened.when people said look back at the past 4 d lesson, meaning: take d lesson n keep heading to better future.not keep grieving for past mistakes.

really hope dat time can heal..

really hope to be a better learner..

must stay closer to Him..must keep walking to Him.He has all d solutions.all d answer.all d need for d better.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


i hate my tongue for all the hurting words it produce
n i hate my slow brain that fails to filter n remind the tongue not to utter bad words
n i hate myself who learnt d lesson only for a short period n keep doing it the rest of the time.
i hate it..coz it is never my intention to hurt anyone.esp those whom i dearly love.

people can think:"eleh..cakap je lebih.."
only me knows..i really din't mean it.."
bcoz i alwiz regret after saying things -but all are useless edi. uttered word will alwiz be d same.can't change it.d effect remains d same.

n dat's y...i h.a.t.e. i.t. d flesh with bone in my mouth.. ='(

stupid slow brain!!!! idiot bad tongue!!! tsskk shudnt be dis way. iam d stupid n idiot one actually ='(

Saturday, October 10, 2009

oh yeaa

let's have our time at kalumpang!!

say not much.pack ur stuff.get ready to leave =D

Monday, October 05, 2009


she is much almost everything.
she is eager to know things around her, that's why she ends up being n the boxes, toilet, kitchen, under the bed, and even in the cupboard if you let the door ajar..

she's also very much cute n adorable!! i put her on the bed. she'll start cleaning herself-which she is much fond of doing; almost every half n hour [provided she's x sleeping..haha]. then she'll look at me getting ready for my prayer wif an undefined look: puzzled + adorable + blurr (haha). then as i turn my head to d left for salaam, she's already asleep.huhu..

i love to pat her. especially when she requests for it.yaa, she does. still remember dat nite.she's already full.she's went to loo outside.n she's ready to sleep.but she's not sleeping yet. she follows me wherever i go; to d d living room.till i get into my bedroom. so, i take her and starts caressing her and she starts to close her eyes.. oh~ she must be missing her mum...

miss u, oyin..wait for my semester break ya.. =D