Sunday, October 11, 2009


i hate my tongue for all the hurting words it produce
n i hate my slow brain that fails to filter n remind the tongue not to utter bad words
n i hate myself who learnt d lesson only for a short period n keep doing it the rest of the time.
i hate it..coz it is never my intention to hurt anyone.esp those whom i dearly love.

people can think:"eleh..cakap je lebih.."
only me knows..i really din't mean it.."
bcoz i alwiz regret after saying things -but all are useless edi. uttered word will alwiz be d same.can't change it.d effect remains d same.

n dat's y...i h.a.t.e. i.t. d flesh with bone in my mouth.. ='(

stupid slow brain!!!! idiot bad tongue!!! tsskk shudnt be dis way. iam d stupid n idiot one actually ='(

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