Thursday, December 31, 2009

it is all about new

new year.
new hopes.
new determination.

yet, we are the same old person.
eh, no..we can also become a new person!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

x best

nape hobi saya merajuk??
saya x suka hobi ni!
dan saya terlupa, padahal bru je pesan
supaya amek menda dr sudut y positif..

hm..encik syaitan, sila menghindar...

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, jauhkan kami daripada pautan nafsu syaitan durjana dan kami berlindung pada-MU daripada kejahatan nafsu kami dan jadikanlah kami daripada golongan orang yang SABAR.

pagi yang cerah

selamat pagi.
amacam pagi ni?

bestlah bangun pagi2 sebenarnya.da lama tau tapi susah sgt nk praktis.huhu.
sgt2 best lagi bila tgk cahaya oren mula masuk bilik.oh, sebelum tu, cuaca dingin.sangat nyaman.fuh.

dan lagi best lagi kalau kita sama2 fikir, siapa lah agaknya yang ciptakan semua ni? kan3... =)

oh, nk pesan je..jom kita lihat benda dari sudut positif.
memang, setiap satu benda memang confirm la ada yang negatifnya, kadang2 yg negatif tu dominan.tapi..kita yg pilih nk tgk yg mana kan.ala, mcm dgn kekasih kita; kalau buruk tang mana pon, mesti kita dok sayang part cantik dia kan..

hm, nasihat td tu khusus utk diri saya yg disayangi (yg sendiri selalu sgt2 lupa nk apply-duh, tolong ingatkan kalau rajin..thanks) serta rakan2 y dikasihi..

praise be to Rabbul Alamin..yang Maha Indah kerna DIA pencipta segala yang terindah!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a humble wish

a girl said

i would like to be the apple, you know..the apple that stays on the top, wouldn't let itself fall on the ground just to attract the attention of others to pick it up.
rather, the apple will stay strong up there, waiting patiently until one day the deserved one come and pick her up straight from the wouldn't allow herself to be low, just to be eaten by a will belong to the great one.the one with iman and taqwa...

another girl asked

what if u're destined to be like Asiah, the wife of Pharaoh? definitely he is not the one with iman and taqwa..besides, you never know whether you'll get what you wished for as the Almighty decides..

the girl then thinks and she replied

i shall be patient and redha with HIS decision, as HE knows what is the best for me..
ya, it is easier said than done.hence i must keep holding to the rope, as du'a is the best weapon ever..but the most important is, what's in our heart..let us all pray to be al-mukhlisin..

Monday, December 28, 2009


just, when u choose to return to HIM, the door is wide open.
so why with the hesitation? keep your faith and walk into the path of bless n rahmah
with ur du'a..

ya Rabb, i am much thankful for all You have given.
and now, another treasure from you..
a friend who can keep my mind close to You..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

walking to a new year..

salam maal hijrah.
may everything is better than previous year,
including our investment for the later world.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

a taste of worriness

right at this moment i'm surfing at Mayang Village, around the Mydin mall in Terengganu.
excellent networking.not that i'm worried about.

when i first arrived, i saw a lot of groups, teenage groups, mainly boys..i presume they're around 14-17 years old.ya, it's holiday so they're x playing truant i noee.
but i'm worried wif their style, their ways of getting around..
plain and naive faces but wrapped in weird dressing..coloured hair, accessories, yet no one knows underneath those innocent looks.
and those girls around them..

still..there are few groups of nerdies too.. :P
and even primary school boys n girls..aih, to compare wif our time..

hmmm...sumthing unpleasant disturbing my mind..hope it's juz my feeling..

and i'm worried if i ever need to deal wif such students at school soon.
oh, surely i have to.