Tuesday, April 20, 2010

silent is gold

Selama mana engkau mendiamkan diri semasa dicerca dengan begitu provokatif, Malaikat turun mempertahankanmu. Apabila kamu mula sahaja membuka mulut untuk menjawab, Malaikat berangkat dan Syaitan merapat. Jika dirimu resah semasa diam, dan lega sesudah melepaskan kata, engkau nampaknya selesa bertemankan Syaitan- http://www.facebook.com/hasrizal

tak sangka..selalunya kalau org ngate, laju je mulut ni nk reply (as in to explain dat i'm not as how they judge me or say about me)

duh.. i dun wanna add syaitan in my friends' list.
ya Rabb, forgive me..

Monday, April 19, 2010

a blast of euphoria

i always have lotss of things to write in dis blog.in fact, i've quite a number of pending entries.yet, i end up ignoring n abandoning them.lol.

i'm back.currently in bahtera house,tm.for d examination which will begin on 24th April.another few days to go.
one thing makes me worried, i've just started 'my study week' yesterday. in d train-reading scorpion orchid.dang! i noe..repeating the same nasty habit. hopefully i'll be able to catch up n able to answer the questions during d exam days.amin..

oh, d euphoria i'm hinting at d title.well, i m not quite sure y but my trip back home 4 dis time is quite a big pleasure 4 me.it really makes me happy n pleased. much contented.
alhamdulillah =) --> as i've once said, if u feel happy, remember, who creates d things or scenes that make u feel happy or at least, who allows you to have d heart n have d ability to sense n experience d happiness in urself; if it is not d almighty Rabb. so let's say alhamdulillah (",)

perhaps, bcoz of wat have n had happened to me n my inner self previously [all those self-conflicts, self-insecurity..being labelled as 'carik markah lebih'..etc..etc..] n those quite 'down moments' 4 me, i'm then able to sense a different atmosphere at home n able to appreciate d peace n soothing feeling of being home.even little things can make people happy, if d lil things are exactly what you need =)

ok, quick review of the week

friday-9th Apr

off to KL wif ima, sue, aida n ana wif grey-TAX.spent time at Times Square.lunch.bowling (one strike.yeah).send off sue n ana.off to Sungai Besi but having quite a critical moment where we almost ended up at putrajaya.luckily found d highway exit yet, having another difficult moments of tracking back to right route.alhamdulillah, still managed to be on time to hop into d bus at putra.oh, b4 dat, ate nasi lemak at Bangsar wif ima n bf-kae, n aida. then, sleeping like fainted woman in d bus n awake wif aching neck.duh.

saturday-10th Apr
dad picked me up, around 5am.mum waited at home.oyin too.another phase of fainting, ahahaha.as if to qada' sleeping hours which have been much reduced previously-4 miss maria.lol.awake wif heavy head.sigh..so improper lifestyle.huhu

sunday, monday, -11th & 12th Apr

nothing much happened.staying quietly at house.haha.sleeping wif oyin.oh! n she is really sick! pity her.she did not eat even a single piece of d friskies..er, smartheart o watsoever name of d food.even drinks need to be forced in to her mouth.aigoo.not sure y she is in such critical condition.mum gave some medical salt n luckily she recovers after few days.feel much relief to see her start bathing n grooming herself again, as to compare her lying half-dead like before.
haha.still, she never fail to wake me up at d necessary time. thanks oyin! gonna miss u soon.

tuesday -13th Apr

sisters-day-out! =D kakde day's off.so we went out to town.to purchase my ticket to s.alam.to buy jubah 4 mum n cloth 4 kakde's convo in May.to settle wif her bike's insurance n tax. to hunt 4 ima's n sharm's presents.and...

to play bowling

to eat secret recipe.

.full stomach.
.great time.
.big grins n laughs.

next, to pasar malam.still quite early so we walked to desa murni's syurga tudung.grabbed orange n red veil. hehe.at pasar malam,bought some food as well as wall-decoration sticker . luv them! =D i juz simply lyke fancy stuff.esp things related to decoration n colours n sticker. =D

before & after.gonna buy lots more, later.hehe..

oohh!! not to forget about me riding d motorbike! yea, not a new thing, but i've finally have d gut to ride it across d main road! through the traffic lights! haha..to those who knew me, they noe how big achievement dis is.rofl~

(err, shud be brief flashback, aite..hehe)

wenesday, thursday-14th, 15th Apr

hm, my tummy is craving 4 lots of food.n mum prepared them.yeaa..luv u mum! always. =)
-in fact, those early days i've been stuffing food into my tummy.hehe. oso packed kerepek pisang s well..to be munched while studying.eheks.. (oh! promised naim to give him some.dun worry, got a pack 4 him.oh, bahtera girls, i've 5 packets 4 us.choose, salty o sugary.. :-D )

friday-16th Apr

dad bought nuggets, 4 food in travel.hihi.luv u too dad! always too!
(ya Rabb, may You always keep them under Your blessing n protection, here n in the afterworld.amin).leaving 4 s.alam at nite.double decker transnasional bus.

saturday, sunday-17th, 18th Apr

staying at bangah's new house.pangsapuri sri nuang.bukit bandaraya.7th floor
on saturday, followed them to buy chandelier 4 their new house.
then to shop other stuffs.i'm looking 4wad 2 buy new watch as i've left mine at home.at least one to be used during exam.nah..cudn't grab one.shall buy it here later..at nite, helping them out with d new chandelier.sweet black wif crystals.the next day, initially i'm planning to go by train from s.alam itself but ended up at kl sentral.yeaa.kak nadia made bangah to go to kl.they're going to muzium negara later, i suppose.

from ktm, ruhi picked me up.n now, here i am in room 2 bahtera.typing on mila's desk.ehehe-tumpang yer..going to pasar pagi wif jialing n to campus later..daaa~

Thursday, April 08, 2010

believe me

who else could be leading me to find the book.
who else could inspire me to write what i've written.
not to forget, at the peak hour, the moment when i'm most worried as the date due has actually passed.rushing off to library,with the pressure of the fact that all my housemates has already handed in theirs. hoping that i can produce a piece of writing..at least i can send it by that day, as too much procrastination edi..

who else do you think has given all the blessing?

ya ALLAH, indeed YOu are aRRaheeem.. =')

Monday, April 05, 2010

jealousy strikes~

o Rabb..

i feel much jealous..
to those who have done better in school
to those who shines till today in their academic *esp in medic*
n those who're furthering their studies overseas..

n d jealousy strikes deeper as i saw d pic of one of my close-competitive friend when i was at school last time.we were alwiz competing each other (academically ya) for final results n i left her a year behind as i went thru PTS.

but today i saw her pic, studying at Uk. d jealousy strikes.

is dis normal jealousy allowed? will i then be ungrateful?

to farina--->

please, remember that certain things are decided to be in such situation. He knows what's best 4 u n what's best 4 others too.do not feel bad.be grateful wif wat u have.do not regret 4 ur decision -giving up medic at kmPh for fear of blood plus in-confident wif chem n bio performance-

be grateful and prepare urself d best for ukhrawi.jia you!! n let their success be ur inspirations.. =)