Monday, April 05, 2010

jealousy strikes~

o Rabb..

i feel much jealous..
to those who have done better in school
to those who shines till today in their academic *esp in medic*
n those who're furthering their studies overseas..

n d jealousy strikes deeper as i saw d pic of one of my close-competitive friend when i was at school last time.we were alwiz competing each other (academically ya) for final results n i left her a year behind as i went thru PTS.

but today i saw her pic, studying at Uk. d jealousy strikes.

is dis normal jealousy allowed? will i then be ungrateful?

to farina--->

please, remember that certain things are decided to be in such situation. He knows what's best 4 u n what's best 4 others not feel grateful wif wat u not regret 4 ur decision -giving up medic at kmPh for fear of blood plus in-confident wif chem n bio performance-

be grateful and prepare urself d best for ukhrawi.jia you!! n let their success be ur inspirations.. =)

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