Tuesday, September 29, 2009

story telling....?

he takes her to a Chinese shop.they look for the cutest tanglung in the shop.two of the same.exactly the same. =)

they went out of the shop when suddenly the boy approaches the girl, nearer.he told her, he's happy as it is their first day out.first with certain meaning.special meaning.she smiles.coz she feels so as well.


a friend of him wanted to buy the same tanglung, yet he manage to made her change her mind.so the tanglung will be the same for the boy and the girl only.

they've agreed to go for the festival together.he waited for her at the stairs.he might not know that the girl is smiling her heart out while climbing down the stairs.


he helps to light the candle and put it in her tanglung.he did the same to his as well.the girl cannot explain her feeling at the moment.a lil bit of shy, greater part of happiness with bit of heartbeatin drummin in her.


people said you can see relationship of two person via photos of them.whether they are happy together, loving each other or..even hate each other.
and the picture of the nite clearly tells how they are fallen for each other at the very moment.

the end

Saturday, September 26, 2009

d earth is still spinning

currently reading secret garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
ya, surely for literature class..hehe..
but i find dat i enjoyed d story! really nice.
it amuses me, give a delighted feeling n i chuckled most of d time..

erm, still packing my stuff..will bring sum rendang for my housemates..oh, n keropok lekor kelulut s well-it tastes better than from d usual shop i used to buy before..

n not to forget keropok sira for chien.


Monday, September 14, 2009


original article

---Kita tidak mahu wujudnya satu budaya paranoid umat Islam yang melatah dengan mudah tatkala didatangi oleh kenyataan-kenyataan seperti ini. Orang Islam sangat cepat dimanipulasi sebagai agen merosakkan produk dan perkhidmatan melalui penyebaran email yang mendakwa ada benda tidak halal, ada campuran beracun dan lain-lain yang mana sebahagaiannya adalah palsu. Ia hanya membuktikan bahawa orang Islam banyak kerisauan tetapi tidak banyak berusaha untuk menyelidik bagi menghilangkan kerisauan tersebut.

Islam tidak pernah mengharamkan Muslim membeli atau menggunakan apa-apa produk dan perkhidmatan daripada non Muslim termasuk Yahudi. Mengharamkan pembelian atau penggunaan sesuatu produk atau perkhidmatan hanya dengan alasan ia milik Yahudi, boleh mengheret kita terjebak kepada perbuatan MENGHARAMKAN APA YANG HALAL, yang mana perbuatan itu sama buruknya dengan MENGHALALKAN APA YANG HARAM.

Malah perbuatan anti Yahudi secara semberono begitu adalah bersifat perkauman yang dibenci oleh Islam.

Terdapat begitu banyak keterangan daripada Sunnah bahawa berurusniaga dengan kaum Musyrikin dan Yahudi itu adalah harus. Misalnya di dalam sepotong hadith:

“Sesungguhnya Nabi sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam membeli makanan daripada seorang Yahudi dengan pembayaran secara bertangguh dan mencagarkan baju besi baginda sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.” [Hadith riwayat al-Bukhari nombor 2326, 2/841]

Keharusan ini hanya berubah dengan adanya dalil lain yang mengubah keharusan itu, atau berlakunya sesuatu yang mengubah konteks hadith ini.

~thinking..hmmmm.....so, no need to feel too paranoid la ek..relief to get dis statement. =D

Praise be to Rabbi,

"...And they comprehend not anything of His Knowledge save as He wills..."
[Al-Quran: Surat al-Baqarah, Ayah 255]

Saturday, September 12, 2009


how can i be a better friend? a friend whom can be reliable..a true friend indeed n in need?
somehow, i feel like i am not a good friend.always, i think i made myself a bad friend.but always too..i tried to be a good one, though i keep straying away by my attitudes (SIGH!). o is it sumthing dat i need not to understand o learn? but how's dat?? puzzled. =S

n i thought i cud be a good friend by being understanding.sumthing whic is very hard 4 me. coz i alwiz fail to understand.alwiz being ignorant.needing others to tell me dat i'm doing wrong.-based on my experiences, sumthing dat i'm x fond of, coz i'm making mistakess..

if i do wrong n didn't realize it, how can i tell dat i dun have d intention of doing it? n how not to let my wrong doings affecting d relationship? coz, it feels different. n i'm afraid, people will dislike me..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

patah tumbuh hilang berganti~

i missed him..dat morning..looking forward 4 d eid break so dat can sleep wif him.feed him wif d lizard dat i'll catch using long 'penjolok'..catching him and running away when he starts to catch my leg..but..

when i called my sis dat night, she was crying, as she told me in her loud sobs, he's dead d.

i'm speechless 4 quite a moment.quite hard to accept.coz been missing him.

but as ruhi said, it's juz a cat..

i've returned for d eid.oh, before dat, i've already got d news about some'one' new in our house..

erm, since i got to pack my stuff now as i'm leaving tonite so i'll tell about her in other posts.surely to talk about her soon.. ^,^

still, kunit will alwiz be sumwhere in d living red flesh of mine

Sunday, September 06, 2009

i'm begging

please....only You know d solution
only You have d total control over everything, even over me..

Friday, September 04, 2009

well, evrything counts dear!

i live on the earth for a reason.n i think i shud be clear of the reason.

"O mankind, indeed you are laboring toward your Lord with [great] exertion (i.e. striving throughout your life until you meet your Lord, hastening toward death)." [al-Inshiqaq, 6]

i can never be sure how long is the time until the final moment. and i am not as sure as how i will face d final moment in dis world. will i be in a shocked n full of regret condition? na'uzubillah.. will i be in a happy and excited condition? -hopefully!! amin..
but yaa, i can never be sure..

juz now, a friend of mine made me realize, i shud put more caution in my words..-ya, d same issue over and over again.. i feel quite bad actually. coz my intention is to help him realize certain things but i did it in a total wrong way.yup, feel bad becoz not only my effort is sum kinda useless, also affect myself.their respect upon me.n, bad mouth isn't sumthing He likes, rite?
-feel bad-

A man said, "Messenger of Allah (Sal-allahu-aleihi-wassallam), such and such a woman has a reputation for engaging to a great extent in prayer, fasting and almsgiving but she annoys her neighbours with her tongue." He replied, "She will go to Hell." He said, "Messenger of Allah (Sal-allahu-aleihi-wassallam), such and such a woman has a reputation for engaging to a small extent in fasting, almsgiving and prayer, but she gives pieces of curd as sadaqah and does not annoy her neighbours with her tongue." He replied, "She will go to Paradise." [4992]

so, i must be more careful in every single step. wat a waste to lose all ur labour juz becoz of a small organ.alert! -much worried.. =S