Thursday, September 10, 2009

patah tumbuh hilang berganti~

i missed him..dat morning..looking forward 4 d eid break so dat can sleep wif him.feed him wif d lizard dat i'll catch using long 'penjolok'..catching him and running away when he starts to catch my leg..but..

when i called my sis dat night, she was crying, as she told me in her loud sobs, he's dead d.

i'm speechless 4 quite a moment.quite hard to accept.coz been missing him.

but as ruhi said, it's juz a cat..

i've returned for d eid.oh, before dat, i've already got d news about some'one' new in our house..

erm, since i got to pack my stuff now as i'm leaving tonite so i'll tell about her in other posts.surely to talk about her soon.. ^,^

still, kunit will alwiz be sumwhere in d living red flesh of mine

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