Saturday, September 12, 2009


how can i be a better friend? a friend whom can be reliable..a true friend indeed n in need?
somehow, i feel like i am not a good friend.always, i think i made myself a bad friend.but always too..i tried to be a good one, though i keep straying away by my attitudes (SIGH!). o is it sumthing dat i need not to understand o learn? but how's dat?? puzzled. =S

n i thought i cud be a good friend by being understanding.sumthing whic is very hard 4 me. coz i alwiz fail to understand.alwiz being ignorant.needing others to tell me dat i'm doing wrong.-based on my experiences, sumthing dat i'm x fond of, coz i'm making mistakess..

if i do wrong n didn't realize it, how can i tell dat i dun have d intention of doing it? n how not to let my wrong doings affecting d relationship? coz, it feels different. n i'm afraid, people will dislike me..

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Anonymous said...

dalam quran ade cakap..Allah cipta manusia tak satu pun same..ade macam2 jenis...ambil iktibar la..asyik nak tengok kelemahan ciptaan Allah...yg kelebihan xnak tengok...cube perbaiki diri sebaik mungkin...kalo agak2 silap langkah...retrace balik...muhasabah diri..kite manusia..tak de yang perfect..walau macam mane kite cube nak dekat ngan perfection pun...mustahil akan sampai...

just my humble opinion