Tuesday, September 29, 2009

story telling....?

he takes her to a Chinese shop.they look for the cutest tanglung in the shop.two of the same.exactly the same. =)

they went out of the shop when suddenly the boy approaches the girl, nearer.he told her, he's happy as it is their first day out.first with certain meaning.special meaning.she smiles.coz she feels so as well.


a friend of him wanted to buy the same tanglung, yet he manage to made her change her mind.so the tanglung will be the same for the boy and the girl only.

they've agreed to go for the festival together.he waited for her at the stairs.he might not know that the girl is smiling her heart out while climbing down the stairs.


he helps to light the candle and put it in her tanglung.he did the same to his as well.the girl cannot explain her feeling at the moment.a lil bit of shy, greater part of happiness with bit of heartbeatin drummin in her.


people said you can see relationship of two person via photos of them.whether they are happy together, loving each other or..even hate each other.
and the picture of the nite clearly tells how they are fallen for each other at the very moment.

the end

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