Monday, October 05, 2009


she is much almost everything.
she is eager to know things around her, that's why she ends up being n the boxes, toilet, kitchen, under the bed, and even in the cupboard if you let the door ajar..

she's also very much cute n adorable!! i put her on the bed. she'll start cleaning herself-which she is much fond of doing; almost every half n hour [provided she's x sleeping..haha]. then she'll look at me getting ready for my prayer wif an undefined look: puzzled + adorable + blurr (haha). then as i turn my head to d left for salaam, she's already asleep.huhu..

i love to pat her. especially when she requests for it.yaa, she does. still remember dat nite.she's already full.she's went to loo outside.n she's ready to sleep.but she's not sleeping yet. she follows me wherever i go; to d d living room.till i get into my bedroom. so, i take her and starts caressing her and she starts to close her eyes.. oh~ she must be missing her mum...

miss u, oyin..wait for my semester break ya.. =D



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