Monday, October 26, 2009


my friend advised me not to upset my ownself. i shall take her words.i will not put any hope, nor having any false expectation.

still, i'll enjoy d 'cheecky' amusing myself quietly.hihi..(yet, must be careful :P)
so dat one day perhaps when i remembered about it, i'll smile n say: yaa, another nice memory..hihi..

saw him just now.uh!~ in d library.wif his friend. he's smiling at d moment.uh. oh..
n i feel funny to myself.because earlier in d early morning i dreamt of seeing him!. even told my rumet: eh, maknenye mimpi je laa jumpa dia td..ahaa.
but it turns out dat i see him, so dat's wat makes me smile.haha

dat's ol..tq.. :P

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