Friday, October 30, 2009

of milk and cats

i've been missing oyin..i'm longing to caress and pat a pet, cat in particular..mum called me several days ago n told me about how oyin has become cuter and adorable..

oyin in pet society?'s too artificial.i want something real!

and i got it this few mornings!! yeaa..nope, nobody send any cat o kitten to my house..

d morning air was much nice the other day so i decided to go for cycling wif my pink bike of course.went for several rounds in the college and bahtera compound.but then i stopped at the house by the end of the road, in the same row of our bahtera house.ya, d one wif brown gate n d one organized open house during eid last time (but not for us.haha).

...bcoz i saw a few adorable creatures crawling in the bushes and on the road.

they are kittens!! happy indeed!! jump3!! haha..this morning i went again to look for them and play with them. =D

two oranges, two black and whiteys, and four much younger lil kittens..
the oranges and black+whiteys succeeded on jumping over the drain but the littluns aren't having enuf courage and will..tho i can see how much they wanted to jump over and play on the road.haha..cute littluns!!

oh! and today actually i found another two kittens.far younger than those at the house wif d brown gate.very pitiful.guess they just lost their mother.they seem so hungry and i've decided to get some milk for them.

went back home and prepared d milk, put in kfc container.cycled back to the pitiful kittens.
the chubbier one, black and white, drank some of the milk, while the other seem not to be fond of it.wondering~and she's also shivering.wondering~

since they don't drink much so i think better to give it to the bunch of cute, adorable, active kittens at the house wif brown gate.hence i cycled back there.

instead of running for me, the older ones came approaching the bicycle! haha..they started to scratch and scratch the tyre..jumping up and down.LOL! having much fun wif them.ahaks~ even took one orangey and put him in the basket.cycled within the area.he's fine.once stopped he jumped to the ground.nice ride huh? =D

when i offered d milk, they drink it!one of them even lick on my finger coz there's some milk on it.dun worry, i've got my dettol sanitizer wif me. =D

i helped one of the little kitten who can't cross the drain.she shriek, rather then she is happy wif d milk as well. =D

and moment later, i can she that she managed to jump over the drain herself! way to go cutie kitty!! =D

much contented! i luv cats and kittens and rasulullah s.a.w. also fond of them, rite =D

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