Sunday, August 05, 2012

aku ingin kembali

Ramadhan the year before is totally different from Ramadhan this year.
o' Lord..please bring me back...

7 months of working, has shown me that i did not really succeed in maintaining my effort to achieve my ultimate goal. o'Lord...please bring me me to return to Your blessed path..before it's too late..please..i beg You...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

forgetful farina


time seems to pass so fast when we're in the middle of doing something compared to when we're not doing anything.those days before my posting, i felt as if a year has gone..and now when i has already been posted and busy with the teaching activities, i didn't realize that it was actually almost 3 months if i've just begun to teach for one week or two..

'al-insaan', the name for human like us. that arabic word carries the meaning of 'one who always forget'..yup..indeed we always forget.bcoz that's how we are created by the Great Lord. yup, that's our weakness as His creation, and that's why we must always turn to Him and ask for needed reminders..apart than going for 'tazkirah' (reminders offered by other human who cares (",) )

forgetful farina..she once declared to herself that her career shall be her investment for the next world, the eternal world.. yet when she has already emerged into her busy career world, she tend to forget her vision..she was too carried away with her duties..her burdens..her responsibilities..until she forgot that she should be doing all that in the name of her creator..Allah the Almighty Lord.

she needed to be reminded that she should be doing things in her effort of seeking for Allah's bless.
because without the bless, nothing valued in front of the Lord! she will be just wasting all her effort, her energy..her time..everything..all gone just like the dust blown in the wind.wouldn't that be too tragic?

oh forgetful farina..please get it right.please do things right.

some strategies for her:-

1.wake up and remind herself by asking what the reason is she living for
2.always say the basmalah before doing anything
3.tell herself that she is doing her work for Allah:

  • educating others is something noble in the Lord's eyes, so do it to seek for His bless
  • she is paid for teaching so she must perform her best, bcoz that's how Islam teach it's followers, that is to carry your duty rightfully with honesty =)
  • prophet Muhammad pbuh himself is a good teacher, so by following his acts, hopefully she is rewarded with the Lord's bless too.. (Say: "If ye do love Allah, Follow me: Allah will love you and forgive you your sins: For Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." (A-li'Imraan 3:31) )
4. always stop and reflect upon her acts

let us all pray for forgetful farina, may she be guided to the right path..amin.. 
thank you for your prayers, may Allah bless us all..amin. =)

Friday, February 24, 2012

unexpected offer


hm..ana agak teruja bila dapt phone call smlm, ada offer dari sekolah maahad tahfiz shah alam utk ana mengajar bahasa inggeris kat la, mengajar anak2 yg belajar best kan =)
but sadly i couldn't accept the highly valuable offer because of two main reasons..
firstly, coz ana da pon posting di SAHUT, Terengganu
secondly, maahad tu kat shah alam and definitely mummy ana tak akan setuju utk masa ni, coz she preferred me to be within her reach.hehe..

hm, just utk perkongsian, kan ada kisah sahabat di zaman rasulullah saw dulu yg diperintahkan utk tidak pergi berjihad kerana disarankan mengutamakan utk menjaga ibunya yg sakit di rumah.. hehe, hopefully it'll be the same case.. amin.. (^___^)

tapi utk masa akan datang, who knows kan..or maybe ana leh jadi pensyarah kat islamic institutes ke.. kan3...hihi..doakan utk ana ye..

Thursday, February 16, 2012

drop by~

bismillah ^______^
assalamualaikum..kaifa halukum? ana be khoirr, alhamdulillah, wpon baru kena selsema sket..hehe
cepat2 amek panadol malam tadi =)

erm..ana tak dapat gi yang symposium tu..walaupun diri rasa sangat2 nak pergi..huhu..takpe, if He has decided as such, surely that's for the best for me =) they informed that they'll be calling for only 30 escort teachers from all SPBSK (Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Sekolah Kecemerlangan) so i'm not going..but i'll be preparing SAHUT's team for their paper as well as the presentation. actually i was looking forward to go because the keynote speakers are Tun Mahathir Mohd and Datuk Zuraidah Atan. and many international schools will be joining as i'm kinda excited to witness such an international program..takpela, next time maybe..insyaAllah..

oh, haritu ana da conduct slot usrah utk budak2 puteri masa hari jumaat, before solat zohor.really reminded me of my SMKAP's time..hehe.another ustazah asked for my help to take over the slot. so ana pon plan la, since we're just celebrated maulidurrasul last 5th February i chose to share with the girls about Rasulullah s.a.w.
i show them Maher Zain's video clip for his song 'The Chosen One' that shows great attitudes inspired and shown by the prophet pbuh =) next i show 3 'fattabiouni' clips taken from TValHijrah's channel; on eating, way to clean ourselves and the way the prophet perform ablution =)

ya Rasulullah...may we meet there with your blissful smile waiting for us....amin...
ya Allah, teach us to love Your messenger as how You want us to love him... amin..

ok la, ana nak kena gi taklimat untuk pegawai kejohanan merentas desa kat SMK Matang, untuk peringkat negeri Terengganu.. by the way, sebab kena gi taklimat ni automatically ana tak jadi mengacarakan majlis mesyuarat Agong PIBG and Hari Anugerah Cemerlang SAHUT pagi ni..hehe..wpon teks pengacara majlis da siap.. =)

till then, wassalam (",)

Friday, February 03, 2012

sibuk3.. hehe


ana kira lambat sket start kalo nak compare dgn kawan2 lain yg posting sama dgn ana..basically hari isnin ni baru ana akan dapat jadual ada form 3 yg ana kena ajar, they'll be in the set D, named 'jetfire'..i need to help them more with the language mastery i suppose, coz they're in the last set.takpe, insyaAllah, ana boleh! hehe ..mesti kena positif :p

actually ana byk nak share..baru2 ni ada team building kat SAHUT..best3.. ana blajar byk gak la..tapi one significant moment yg jadik kat ana ialah 'my first breakthrough in 2012'..hehe..details nanti la kot :p tp yg pasti the breakthrough tolong ana utk gain confidence =) thank u Allah for that, i indeed in need of it <3

ok, as the title goes..ana memang akan busy starting tomorrow..hoho..jom tgk ape ke mendanye yg ana akan sibuk sgt..hehe..tak byk mane pun, saje ngade buat2 sibuk. :P

-sabtu: merentas desa, ana jadi ajk pendaftaran utk merentas desa daerah hulu tganu ni, dgn another 2 of my colleague. nanti peringkat negeri most probably kami akan terlibat gak..sebbaik pendaftaran je kan :p
-ahad: jaga game bola jaring (pantau je) for interhouse activity utk form 4 punye minggu orientasi, pastu maybe nak join program badar kat surau after the game..
-10hb: in charge utk slot usrah/tazkirah kat surau time boys gi solat jumaat..kena cari topik best utk muslimat suggestion? skrg ni ana tgh consider 'fattabiouni'
-16feb: pengacara majlis annual meeting PIBG.hoh! suara ana da la x best.sian la depa nanti (eh3..astarghfirullah! no3.. cancel ayat kat atas..i should be grateful wif wat Allah has given me, kan3 =) i shud be thankful that i can speak just like others..alhamdulillah ^________ ^ )
-17feb: merentas desa peringkat negeri
-26march: frs international symposium kat mozac.. hmm..big event ni, kena start skrg, duedate proposal is soon enuf..i mean the abstract..details? maybe next entry..kinda rushing now

ok la, till then..sorry for terrible writing style..
moga dalam rahmat Allah selalu..amin


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

of past tense and taik lembu

hmm..plan ana nak buat blog baru utk academic entry on my teaching profession maybe ditangguhkan dulu..coz ana rasa maybe ana patut tunggu at least a few months or maybe a year for me to be more matured in sharing the content in a more professional far stakat ni ana lebih selesa share kat sini je..hehe

hm, before this ana ingat ana takkan masuk mengajar until CNY (chinese new year) break..tapi pagi tadi ana dah masuk kelas form 1, mengajar simple past tense kat budak2 tu..huhu..the earlier plan was that we; the new teachers, were expected to observe the senior teachers teaching the students in the class.. so ana cakap kat Dee; who was posted earlier a year than me, untuk observe her lesson. instead, she suggested ana take over her class. oooh, initially ana macam sgt2 tak la, da 8 bulan tinggal sume2 ni and dok umah ngadap sinki..mesin basuh..kucing2..hehe..

but then, i keep my faith in Allah and i believe that He wants me to take this la, sampai bila lak ana nak tunggu baru betul2 prepare alhamdulillah, although i did some minor slip-of-tongue and momentarily pauses during the lesson, Dee commented that my lesson was okay, nothing much to be criticized, just that ana kena be more attentive towards students' understanding of the words used throughout the lesson..hehe..ok la tu kan.. alhamdulillah ^__________^

ok, another thing yang buat ana happy hari ni ialah ana telah drive keta ayah ana dari sekolah ana sampaaaai la ke manir..yaa, not a big deal for those who are used to driving..tapi utk ana yang da sangaaat lama tinggalkan skill memandu, ana rasa ini satu improvement utk ana..hehe..ayah dgn mak ana pun seemed to be glad to see me driving..memula ingatkan nak drive sampai umah tapi ana salah amek jalan so ayah kena take over before ana masuk jalan manir yg sibuk tu..hehe :p

so, hikmah ana dipostingkan ke kawasan hulu yang byk taik lembu dan belum dapat stay kat hostel:- ana dapat practice bawak keta..hehe..(oh! pagi tadi masa ayah ana hantar ana gi skolah ayah ana terlanggar taik lembu! bunyik belon pecah..yek :p )
ya Allah, hebat betul cara Engkau mengatur segala sesuatu.. ^_______^

ok la, till then.. assalamualaikum =)

p/s- Allah Maha Agung, dan Allah begitu mencintai hamba2Nya yang sentiasa kembali ape lagi, jom pakat2 hargai cintaNya yang besar itu dengan patuh dan taat kepadaNya.. (",)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

officially, i am a teacher now

i'm planning to create a blog for my teaching journey..
will be under construction :p
we'll see how things go

i am posted to Sek.Men.Sains Hulu Terengganu
it's a boarding school
and like any other school, it surely offers me its own challenges

till then, assalamualaikum

Sunday, January 08, 2012

another year again~

assalamualaikum (^___^)

kaifa haluka/haluki? ana be khoirr, alhamdulillah =)
ok, entry ni ana nak wat experiment sket..oh, before that, sorry for the mixing of english and malay words..santai aja bah yaa =) oh, experiment tadi? ana nak try bahasakan diri atau gunakan pronoun 'ana' untuk ganti saya/aku/ambe etc.. :p well, kata new year, so kita wat la perubahan sket ye..hehe..baru cuba2 je ni, bcoz ana suka dgr org guna pronoun ni, and..tak salahkan kalo ana pun nak guna juge..hihi ( ^___ ^ )

ok, pasal new year..yaaa, it's another year again.rasa macam baru je semalam ana grad..[hehe, sengaja..coz ana dah agak gusar menanti tawaran posting yg belum kunjung tiba.hehe.tapi xpe, ana serahkan sume urusan pada yang Maha Mengetahui, kan3 =) ] year ea..ape yg org slalu discuss pasal ni yek? of course la azam kan? setuju? bagusss :p

ape azam ana? ok, since it's another year, that means 'something' is definitely coming closer..ape dia? jeng3...
jodoh? hm...ana pun x pasti lg.hehe
kerja? harap2nye..tapi pun still tak pasti gak..
ada benda yg lebih pasti lagi..sangat2 pasti...

ok la..jawapannyee -----> k.e.m.a.t.i.a.n.
ape kaitan kematian dgn azam ana?
ok, azam ana: membuat persiapan demi sebuah 'kematian' yang cemerlang

eh??kematian pon ada 'cemerlang'?? ade dean list ke?? (hehe, sorry, ana wat lawak akademik jap :P )
erm, kematian pon ada levelnya..and i pray to Allah that i'll have the excellent one..
ok jap, perasan tak ada inverted comma kat perkataan kematian tadi?
actually maksud ana ialah kematian = kehidupan baru setelah kehidupan sementara di dunia ni
so dalam erti kata lain: untuk akhirat nanti, yakni kehidupan yg hakiki dan sebenar2nya utk manusia =)
jadi utk capai azam ana ni, kenalah ana byk2 ingat mati..kan3? =)

eh..kalo asyik ingat mati je..tak majulah gitu..tak buat ape2..dok sibuk tunggantunggeng solat jaaa..tak pi kije..tak la, da nak mati kan...

hehe, kalo ada yg pk gitu, harap dpt betulkan ye..
sebab dgn ingat mati, bagi org yg faham (alhamdulillah, ana pun baru je belajar) kita akan lebih berusaha utk hidup dgn lebih jayanya..reasonssss:-

1.di akhirat nanti amalan2 kita akan dihisab..and bila kita da mati da takde can dah nak balik dunia utk topup ape2 yg kurang (uuuu..takut3) sooo..dgn ingat mati, kita akan usaha sebaik mungkin utk buat amalan dgn sebaik mungkin sebab mungkin itu amal kita yg terakhir..
AND...amalan itu TAK TERHAD kepada solat sahaja.walaupon solat ialah amalan pertama seorang muslim yg akan dihisab nanti tapi byk lagi menda lain yg akan turut dipersoalkan..antaranya tanggungjawab kita sebagai seorang anak, murid, guru atau apepun profesion anda, sebgai seorang rakyat di negara anda, sebagai seorang daripada ummat nabi Muhammad s.a.w. dan banyaaaak sume tu kena pikir, jadi takdelah insiden cam kat atas tadi berlaku..  [tak buat ape2..dok sibuk tunggantunggeng solat jaaa..tak pi kije..tak la, da nak mati kan...]

2. bila ada matlamat utk mati, kita akan lebih ingat yg dunia ni bukan segala2nya..insyaAllah

3. ingat mati = ingat janji pertemuan dgn Allah = nak usaha utk dapat menatapNYa = akan usaha lebih di dunia, insyaAllah

ok la, byk da ana bebel neh :p
erm..ini azam ana, and as a normal,typical human being ana tak dapat lari dr sifat pelupa, suka buat silap..terlalai..terleka..terlengah dan macam2 terrrr lagi..soo..kepada yg baik hati di luar sana, kalo nampak ana ni cam lupa2 je kat azam ana ni, tolong la ingat2kan..tolong tau! thank u (^_______^)

last but not least: i am always a student in this life, so never be bored to teach me or share knowledge with me, okay?


ada comment tak utk experiment ana ni? jgn segan2..sila2... =)