Sunday, March 11, 2012

forgetful farina


time seems to pass so fast when we're in the middle of doing something compared to when we're not doing anything.those days before my posting, i felt as if a year has gone..and now when i has already been posted and busy with the teaching activities, i didn't realize that it was actually almost 3 months if i've just begun to teach for one week or two..

'al-insaan', the name for human like us. that arabic word carries the meaning of 'one who always forget'..yup..indeed we always forget.bcoz that's how we are created by the Great Lord. yup, that's our weakness as His creation, and that's why we must always turn to Him and ask for needed reminders..apart than going for 'tazkirah' (reminders offered by other human who cares (",) )

forgetful farina..she once declared to herself that her career shall be her investment for the next world, the eternal world.. yet when she has already emerged into her busy career world, she tend to forget her vision..she was too carried away with her duties..her burdens..her responsibilities..until she forgot that she should be doing all that in the name of her creator..Allah the Almighty Lord.

she needed to be reminded that she should be doing things in her effort of seeking for Allah's bless.
because without the bless, nothing valued in front of the Lord! she will be just wasting all her effort, her energy..her time..everything..all gone just like the dust blown in the wind.wouldn't that be too tragic?

oh forgetful farina..please get it right.please do things right.

some strategies for her:-

1.wake up and remind herself by asking what the reason is she living for
2.always say the basmalah before doing anything
3.tell herself that she is doing her work for Allah:

  • educating others is something noble in the Lord's eyes, so do it to seek for His bless
  • she is paid for teaching so she must perform her best, bcoz that's how Islam teach it's followers, that is to carry your duty rightfully with honesty =)
  • prophet Muhammad pbuh himself is a good teacher, so by following his acts, hopefully she is rewarded with the Lord's bless too.. (Say: "If ye do love Allah, Follow me: Allah will love you and forgive you your sins: For Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." (A-li'Imraan 3:31) )
4. always stop and reflect upon her acts

let us all pray for forgetful farina, may she be guided to the right path..amin.. 
thank you for your prayers, may Allah bless us all..amin. =)

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