Wednesday, July 29, 2009

be careful..

well, to some people it maybe juz
but juz a kind reminder, do be careful ya dear frenss..
if u've got d symptoms, quick, see d doctor, coz u never cud be anyone as d next victim..

as surprised s i got to noe: UKLK 4 positive H1N1..uishh

There are several reasons why many health professionals are very concerned:

  1. The virus is easily spread from human to human
  2. The virus is mutating quickly, making it unpredictable. This could be the reason why is has killed dozens in Mexico but only caused minor sickness in the US so far.
  3. Those who have died or gotten very sick are largely young and healthy. A typical flu virus usually hits the elderly and sick hardest.

d symptoms 4 those who might not noe?:-

The typical signs of sickness are:

  • High fever
  • Severe body aches
  • Headache
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea (more common in children than in adults)
-original article-

okay, pray to Allah, may all of us be safe..amin~

(going home by 12am.till next entry)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


usually i've got no chance to really go to all shops, browsing thru the items n finally pick out d best one.but i did dat yesterday. big hug suzanna!! >0<

well, d great morning started with a great weather (today it seems like it's gonna rain out there). bought tomyam stuff at wet market- better than buying at billion. =D later ruhi went home n d tg. malim town tracking began~ yeaa

ok, minus d breakfast n wet market hour, d tracking went 4 6hours or so! lots of calories burnt down (undeniably along with d spondulicks s well-hehe) coz we hardly take any rest. keep on walking from one to another shop. -jalan sampai pengsan- LOL

wif target stuff in mind, we hunt 4 d best. shortlisted d favourites and continued heading to another shoppe n end up wif satisfaction, joy, big grin despite hurting leg n knee.

-it's raining outside right now. wud b great to have a glass of fresh chocolate drink.

**can't wait 4 d tiramisu chocolate!! been craving 4 it since leaving ipsaH..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Di sini... merah berdenyut"

aku, takkan izinkan kau di sini.

kerna di sini hanya milik DIa.

kerna jika ada kau di sini,

pasti tiada tempat untuk Dia.

tapi, meski ada Dia di sini,

jika kita benar dan jujur,

pasti...tersedia tempat khusus untuk kau,

khusus yang lebih bermakna, lebih bahagia...

kerna denyut merah ini, bersama kau,
adalah demi DIA..

dan itu yang sewajarnya.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

dropping by~

huiii, finally can re-experience fast internet surfing.full stomach, but d dish isn't quite satisfying.but d drink never let me down =D. still, there's a room 4 crazy choc drink. heehehe... ya, at ez cafe..

erm, dis week quite tiring.oso a spice of upset.rekabentuk instruksional.huuuuhh....
little pinch of anger.n recently a shocking news come knocking.a friend of mine juz lost her dad.alFatihah 4 him..may he be among d blessed one, amin.. 4 u dear friend, stay strong...

definitely not a suitable time 4 longer entry.till then, wait 4 1st august.grriiinnn =)

Saturday, July 11, 2009



x sabarnye pg td nk p ngk ice age.bukan la pasal citernya sgt tp sebab nk ngk 3D!! huhuoii.first time.pkai spek.pastu jalan2 ngn classmate a.k.a housemates.


hadui, boleh tahan aa kelakar citer iceAge 3 tu.wpun x byk psl dinosaur tu sgt yg kununnya ganas tp juz bayang2, until almost d end, tp aku suka.sebab sgt comel.kelakar-xyah cakap ah, hillarious(4 me) esp sebab Sid d sloth n d animal dat hunt for d acorn-dia fall in love wif another of his kind.haduiyai.berebut acorn in a tango-like dancing! tp background sweet-i'm melting in love- xleh blah.cantik n bit amusing.haha...


tolonglah!! berapa lama beratur tunggu ktm utk balik rawang dr Midvalley tuh! haduiiiii.da ah sardin tahap ultra padat.duh.pastu rasa mcm suffocated n almost got hyperventilated lagi.missed d first komuter but succeed in d 2nd one.hadui.using ktm at peak hour is sooo torturing! stil, alhamdulillah everything went well :) oh ye, terseksa gak sikit dek kesejukan tahap cengkam tulang dlm train dr tg malim ke rawang.len kali bwk sweater ah.hmmm...


ok, skrg aku da kat bilik.tunggu mila mandi sat.pastu aku lak.tersenyum? sebab trip hr ni best bg aku.jalan2-ya, byk sungguh jalan2 carik toilet.haha. [bukan susah nk carik toilet, instead, byk lagi masalahnye, nk carik yg ada paip getah! haih, aku maybe x moden sgt.boleh je nk guna yg berteknologi pancuran dari paip selari dgn flush tu tapi aku prefer yg ada paip getah.rasa lebih yakin dan bersih.nanti kalo was2 susah lak time solat.jenuh gak carik, tapi, again, alhamdulillah, jumpa, 4 any ladies yg nk carik toilet yg sama, carik kt LG floor.dr Baskin Robin's booth jln straight ke arah south center.tny ah makcik cleaner, depa taw]
pastu psl ngk 3D tu.hihi.ok cam x byk sgt yg popping out.ade la sket2..oh ye, pastu makan sgt byk kek.ngidam lak.adeh.hihi..

mila da nk siap kot.ruhi ngah wat belanjawan.ok la, salam...gudnite~

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


ina kayuh.chien bonceng.
mila kayuh.jia ling bonceng.
swwooossshh,...eeh...senget! senget..alamak, bumper...ahahahaha..
few minutes later everything went smooth n we arrived safely.
but above all, SYIOOKKK!!! =D

8 of us went for dinner at kopitiam.later, ruhi, jess, yogi, n sharm go to d library.while me, hcc, hjl n mila cycle back to our home sweet home.we change-me wif mila n hcc wif hjl.slightly feel tired at d leg but d enjoy n excitement heal it! haha..feel so fun, like when im playing badminton wif classmate at d ipsAh gym last time 4 d elt tournament practice at d nite. fullawehh~!! hihihi

ok, dis week is soo tiring! bunch of assignmentss already been spoonfed to step at a time.erm, looking at my rumate, i guess my terrible habit of postponing might be cured partially if not hundred percent.hihi..
ok.shower.prayer.language test notes.

dats ol 4 now.salam...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

looking for d answer

have you ever been confused? cudnt figure out why sumthing ever happened.or why things seem to be alwiz bad 4 u..feel like ourselves are soo poor.bad.terrible.pathetic.

or perhaps, when a problem come, knocking on ur way, u feel upset.slightly angry and wondering why can't problems leave us alone living happily as how we wanted.still, problems need to be solved and we tried our best.when they're solved, fuh! senses of pride! satifaction! uh! but...when things seem to be much more complicated and we feel weak..tired..uncapable of handling d tiresome and annoying problem, we started to feel down.bad.very bad of myself! why can't i be a success person? why can't i fix d problem??? why am i sooo imperfect???duh..sob3...

well, dear friends, only one solution for this which u might have forgotten or cud be u choose not to remember..only by returning to HIM, u'll get d putting up ur hand to Rabbul-alamin, seeking for d answer sincerely, and He'll give u d answer.yet, it depends, if u've the right to get d answer now.if He thinks that u deserve the answer.cud be, if He's still not answering, meaning that it's not time yet 4 u to know..because He knows all.He controls everything.and be joyful for those who alwiz remember dis..praise be to Allah... =)

oh, when u feel timid and imperfect, cud be, that's a reminder 4 u, dat nobody is perfect but HIM.coz He is d one whom created us, in such beautiful shape.subhanAllah.

-dis entry is actually dedicated to mydearself (hihi) but i wud like to share wif others who might have felt d same

Monday, July 06, 2009

new atmosphere(partially) *fb status*? :P

klise: new semester begin~hohooiii..

new semester.

wondering why i feel slightly unmotivated 4 dis beginning..

maybe it'll come a bit later.hopefully.amin.

dis morning mr sidik told us about d poetry seminar n i'm kinda interested but not others.feel like trying but.. -grammar?confident?paper?oooo.haha

surfing at a new desk.nice smelled room =) smiling ginn n winnie.they also smelled nice now. =D ok la, laundry~