Sunday, July 26, 2009


usually i've got no chance to really go to all shops, browsing thru the items n finally pick out d best one.but i did dat yesterday. big hug suzanna!! >0<

well, d great morning started with a great weather (today it seems like it's gonna rain out there). bought tomyam stuff at wet market- better than buying at billion. =D later ruhi went home n d tg. malim town tracking began~ yeaa

ok, minus d breakfast n wet market hour, d tracking went 4 6hours or so! lots of calories burnt down (undeniably along with d spondulicks s well-hehe) coz we hardly take any rest. keep on walking from one to another shop. -jalan sampai pengsan- LOL

wif target stuff in mind, we hunt 4 d best. shortlisted d favourites and continued heading to another shoppe n end up wif satisfaction, joy, big grin despite hurting leg n knee.

-it's raining outside right now. wud b great to have a glass of fresh chocolate drink.

**can't wait 4 d tiramisu chocolate!! been craving 4 it since leaving ipsaH..

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