Tuesday, July 07, 2009

looking for d answer

have you ever been confused? cudnt figure out why sumthing ever happened.or why things seem to be alwiz bad 4 u..feel like ourselves are soo poor.bad.terrible.pathetic.

or perhaps, when a problem come, knocking on ur way, u feel upset.slightly angry and wondering why can't problems leave us alone living happily as how we wanted.still, problems need to be solved and we tried our best.when they're solved, fuh! senses of pride! satifaction! uh! but...when things seem to be much more complicated and we feel weak..tired..uncapable of handling d tiresome and annoying problem, we started to feel down.bad.very bad of myself! why can't i be a success person? why can't i fix d problem??? why am i sooo imperfect???duh..sob3...

well, dear friends, only one solution for this which u might have forgotten or cud be u choose not to remember..only by returning to HIM, u'll get d answer..by putting up ur hand to Rabbul-alamin, seeking for d answer sincerely, and He'll give u d answer.yet, it depends, if u've the right to get d answer now.if He thinks that u deserve the answer.cud be, if He's still not answering, meaning that it's not time yet 4 u to know..because He knows all.He controls everything.and be joyful for those who alwiz remember dis..praise be to Allah... =)

oh, when u feel timid and imperfect, cud be, that's a reminder 4 u, dat nobody is perfect but HIM.coz He is d one whom created us, in such beautiful shape.subhanAllah.

-dis entry is actually dedicated to mydearself (hihi) but i wud like to share wif others who might have felt d same

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