Saturday, December 12, 2009

a taste of worriness

right at this moment i'm surfing at Mayang Village, around the Mydin mall in Terengganu.
excellent networking.not that i'm worried about.

when i first arrived, i saw a lot of groups, teenage groups, mainly boys..i presume they're around 14-17 years old.ya, it's holiday so they're x playing truant i noee.
but i'm worried wif their style, their ways of getting around..
plain and naive faces but wrapped in weird dressing..coloured hair, accessories, yet no one knows underneath those innocent looks.
and those girls around them..

still..there are few groups of nerdies too.. :P
and even primary school boys n girls..aih, to compare wif our time..

hmmm...sumthing unpleasant disturbing my mind..hope it's juz my feeling..

and i'm worried if i ever need to deal wif such students at school soon.
oh, surely i have to.

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