Sunday, August 23, 2009

emonye minah ni!!!!!!!!!!!!

i noe, i am not a good friend.i noe, no one truly happy wif my presence. i alwiz hurt people wif my sharp sarcasm. my insensitive and ignorant poor high-curiosity-level-self.i'm not a pleasant there any people who really loves me actually? o im x deserved to be loved?

have been trying hard.much.still..dunno..perhaps i juz dun deserve a trust.perhaps.why people can be understanding by nature? o is it the nurture? why didn't i grow such s well..

tired.of convincing myself-hey, alwiz learn from ur ur manner.ur attitude!but will they still be by myside when i've learnt enuf? when i've become better person? o it never will happen? y i alwiz do mistakesss????y i alwiz messed up things? y i alwiz say things dat hurt people?-hate myself.isk!i noe i never had d intentions but hey, u did that! doesnt matter whther u're intentionally o not.

ya.i m not a person wif confidence.but how to be confident of urself when things seems not to be convincing..y do i feel people keep lotss of things behind me? o is it juz me thinking such way? i used to ask questions when i'm unsure.but now i dunno whter shud i ask o juz keep my mouth shut.coz i dun think i can get d answer.

farina, u need to try harder..........

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