Saturday, November 07, 2009

forgive me

forgive me for troubling..
forgive me for giving headaches and never stop doing so,
eversince i can't munch my own nutritious food
until i can walk freely away from you..much away
but still, still keep troubling you..

promise, i made, to myself and you,
not to waste the chance i've got
to make myself a 'somebody'
who in return, will serve for u..
or at least make u proud of me, seeing me
achieving the best that i may gain,
while i'm away, from u..
so let others calling me elite or watsoever,
as i know my promise to you
you, whom i always place my heavy burdens of life..
forgive me for that

never in my prayer do i forget you
cause only HIM knows best how
to pay for your priceless deed
in the eternal world

to mum n dad