Friday, November 20, 2009

semester break

only 4 a month.aiseh.soo short.

it's raining heavily over here.almost 24 hour.uish! i can't run away from the temptation.from the wants to sneak under the comfortable comforter..on the warm bed.aih!

any plan for dis break? naah..too short.perhaps if d weather is fine i'll practice on my bike skills.hoho.juz now tried, but sis still not much satisfied.she even suggested me to re-take my bike license.duh.terrible am i? ya, i noe..hikhik..

enjoying leisure hour at homey.great unexplainable feeling.trying my best to get closer to Him.shud make full use of this big opportunity.b4 d semester reopen n flood of assignments rush in.haha..

ok la, it's time 4 maghrib prayer.haiyaa ala' ssolaah, haiya alaa' falaah~ yuk kita solat yuk! =)

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