Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ramadhan oh ramadhan

to all muslims, i would like to wish happy fasting. erm, a few reminders to share, for myself as well

*let's be more cautious of our sight, our speech, our doings, and our hearing, may all be kept away from things which may degrade d value of our fasting,

*be patient wif whatever may come during this fasting month, as it may be a mehnah from Him (Rabb's own way of teaching us) and may we become one of d as-sobirin..amin,

*top up extra extra EXTRa LARGE on our ibadah.every single thing counts.recite d Quranul Kareem more, praise HIM always..subhanaLlah, alHamduliLlah, Allahuakbar..Lailaha ilLaLlah..and not to forget our dearest blessed prophet Muhammad s.a.w

hmm..gotta rush for my laundry..anyone, mind to add more? that's most welcome =)

may dis Ramadhan brings us closer to HIm, eternally.amin

again, salam ramadhan al-mubarak to you

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