Wednesday, August 04, 2010

stop grumbling, instead, say "thank you Allah"

if ever i am rich, if only i am born rich..

-i can have my own printer and need not to depend on others
-i can have my own transport and go back to my hometown by myself to visit my family when they're having troubles..and i need not to hitchhike to go to SMK Ibrahim
-i can have more collection of muslimah dresses, long skirts and even jubah
-i can buy books that i want, especially those expensive ones
-i can fly to mecca and medina, to experience the great feeling myself
-i won't add burden to dad for my daily expenses
-i need not to borrow money from others; which is actually really shameful
and so the list goes...

last week itself, i cried quietly on my pillow, as i have all the thoughts above.oh, how shameful of me to be such ungrateful creature. an ungrateful human being who has been given free oxygen to breath, free land to live on without paying any rental fee, complete and healthy body with the ability to taste food and drinks, to understand happiness and love and numerous other ni'mat..

how shame of you, farina!



alhamdulillah, i am allocated at SMK Ibrahim for my practicum, which is free from any criminal, juvenile or problematic students

alhamdulillah, until today, everything went smooth and fine

alhamdulillah, i got form 1 for my teaching practice during this practicum, as how i've wished

alhamdulillah, all the teachers at this school is nice and welcomes me to the school

alhamdulillah..alhamdulillah..i've started to feel the joy of being an educator, 4 example, when today a student shows her upset face as i told her that i won't be teaching their class..or when students greet me with wide smiles and cheerful faces, also the great feeling after helping a girl to feel better by giving her some advice regarding her personal problem. all these great and stimulating experience despite the low and down feeling i had during the first week..

alhamdulillah, He listens to my prayer and help me to build confidence in facing the students and help me to recover from my low-spirit in teaching

yes, it is too early still..i have not started to plan the lesson.i have not being observed by the teacher and the lecturer.i have not faced students' misbehavior in the classroom. a lot more to come in fact..
but at the current moment, i am gladly thankful to Allah..for everything that He has arranged for me


can you see how fair HE is? being rich isn't all that you need. peaceful mind and heart is far more valuable. besides, you are not like others who don't even have food to eat and proper home to stay. . if you feel like you are lacking of or missing something in your life, be patient and try to think again, with a calm mind, and list down all the gifts that HE has actually given to you, or, perhaps not now, but for the later life if you keep being patient and be grateful to HIM. oh, but not only that.fulfill your obligation to HIm, and keep walking to the eternal happiness in the eternal world.

p/s: if you are born rich, how sure are you that all the money won't be wasted and spent on unnecessary things. how sure are you that you will spend the money for HIM? how sure are you that you won't forget HIm and keep your faith in HIm? just look at how Firaun turns out to claim that he is god just because Allah made him healthy for his whole life.and how Qarun's belongings and wealth gone as he became ungrateful man after receiving his wealth.

so stop grumbling and appreciate what you have. do you understand dear? =)

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superbutterscotch said...

heh,ure super intelligent in many aspects to top all that, theres always fair share of everything in life :)