Sunday, July 25, 2010

first day of practicum

well, i'm quite sleepy n should be sleeping rite now.hence i'll write in short forms~
in chronology, the first day in SMK Ibrahim.
  • report to the office wif raynur. oh, i was at the school by 6.45! really early huh? =) first day's spirit
  • was waiting for d pengetua.he wasn't around so GPK 1 took over.a little briefing.then he showed the staff room. did not get any timetable o relief n mentor teacher.might have to wait for one week as they need to settle wif other things first.
  • greet all my own table.raynur's a bit far.settled down
  • next table is a new teacher too.transferred for husband.kak wan.
  • boring.nothing much to do as the school is busy wif few events coming up.esp on Wednesday where d sultan will b coming for hari anugerah.
  • surfed via hotlink mobile internet-one hour pass.messaging others.
  • see some teachers' xtvties in staff room.
  • went to counselling room as to establish professional r/ship wif d administration (also to avoid sleeping in d staff room.hehe)
  • learnt few things from the counselor.
  • first day ended.phew~
ya Rahman, thanks for allowing things to sail smooth.alhamdulillah, this is better than my ROS experience which is totally d other way round.d teachers are nice and they welcome us.feel to discover is the studentss..

-gonna have mr seva's listening n speaking xtvties for relief (if there's any)
-students' english is said to be good.they're prepared from home.
some might even just sleep in d class. hmm..i must think of challenging activities then~

ya Rabb, may i be able to control d class n conduct d students well.amin~

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