Thursday, July 01, 2010

7th semester

i have been away from this blog for quite some times; since semester break can be considered as a hibernation period for my blogging activity. despite many stories and updates to be shared, i'll update on my current status.

i have returned to ipsah or the official name IPG kSAH, sungai petani kedah and this brings a mixture of feeling.well, the first day itself, i'm overwhelmed with the attack of memories-ever-occurred in this particular college. well, let's not talk about the past, especially those mistakes done..

upon arriving the great gate of ipsah (hihi) me and ima were both glad and excited.7hours of travelling from terengganu to kedah didn't make us feel tired(as yet) because we were much grateful that the journey went smooth and we made it! congrats ima! =)

ok, skip to the academic stuff.hihi.well, the main highlight of this semester is surely about praktikum.oooohhh..we've got to know our schools where we'll do our praktikum with our for me and raynur, we are assigned to S.M.K Ibrahim and the praktikum will start on 25th July. oh, some info that you should know about this school:

"Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ibrahim or Ibrahim Secondary School (Ibrahim School) is a premier public secondary School in the town of Sungai Petani, in the northern Malaysian state of Kedah. The school is well-known for its excellent academic and co-curricular achievements, and has produced highest scorers in the public examinations in Malaysia."

dup..dap..dup..dap..err, i guess i am much nervous upon being assigned to such elite school.oooh.. will i perform well in front of the students? will i be able to respond to students' questions and remarks? the heart beats faster each time i think of these.. =S
please pray for me so that i'll be doing fine and sail through the praktikum period with fine weather and smooth sailing..hoho.

ya Rabb, i believe that You have planned something of my benefit by assigning me to that school.may everything that occurs during the praktikum be useful and meaningful both for my life and my Deen..amin..

**few things to be done**
~> a teacher name tag is a must. erm, should it be 'nor farina' or 'farina asiah'? which do you think sounds better?
~>diving into the bunch of notes on classroom management..pedagogical and philosophical aspect of teaching as well as on the language content-grammar.writing.reading.etc.etc as to get myself prepared for the battle (haha)..

p/s- i'm looking forward to experiencing the teaching process in a real classroom yet the butterflies are surely dancing in my stomach as the days approach nearer.nervous is the word.oh~


*az-zahidah* said...

salam farina!
wah, blog berwajah baru, lebih cantik n menarik!
shows ur maturity...haha
erm, farina ok kot utk nametag tu...
or nor farina
farina asiah seem terlalu panjang n confuse nak panggil ape...hehe
erm, i've receive ur latest sms...bout RFC...
bestnyer dah balik ke s.p masa HPA dah berkembang maju kt sane...
jangan lupa rasa Pizza HPA ngan Chicken Rice, Makanan cina HPA (Radix Oriented Cuisine), Bakery house...etc... banyak lagi...hehe...k.long pon tak penah rasa sume2 tu except RFC ngan nasi ayam die jer...
beruntung sape dapat rasa hasil usaha org melayu islam kte tu...:)

farina said...

wslm fatimah..
cantik ea? pon sempena semester baru kot..insyaAllah plan nk slalu update psl praktikum nanti.. =D
erm, cdgn diterima..nanti students boleh pggil miss farina.hikhik.
oh, ade pizza HPA gak ea? x prasan lak.kena cari ni.bakery house bru pegi td.kek nampak menarik.hehehe..