Friday, July 16, 2010

unexpected incident

dad had an accident last night.together with kak De, which is on the back of d bike. dad's motorbike was hit by a fast evil careless heartless motorbike which just ran off after knocking down dad's bike.both dad n kak De fell on the road.luckily there wasn't any car at that time which might ran onto them (praise to Allah)..

the accident occurred just at the corner nearby our house.they just got out of the house and heading to durian was sent to the hospital by an ambulance.i got d news from Amir (kak De's friend) when i was at Dewan Munsyi for an Israk Mikraj programme.upon hearing the bad news i was terribly crying by the Munsyi door and severely attacked by mischievous mosquitoes.all terrifying thoughts came into mind and tears are flowing fast. luckily then i got to talk with kak De and know that Dad is still conscious , though he had a temporary shock at the time and was wondering what happened and where they were going (when he was taken to the hospital).

kak De had some bruises on her arm. Dad's right shoulder is broken as well as his right toe-nails. both are cemented. and now dad's using wheelchair.

mum doesn't allow me to go back.even when i got the chance to talk to dad (his voice is rather weak) mum made dad to tell me to stay here. ya..i better follow what they said.besides, surely i'll need money for the ticket (oh allowance!..) and who's gonna pick me up from the bus station by 5am as Dad is now on wheelchair? if my returning is just gonna add troubles, better for me to stay and do my best by praying to Allah so that dad will get better soon.. whom else will i pray if not to the true and only God..Allah..

i truly believe all these is not for nothing.He's watching and knowing all and i believe that Allah is arRahmaan..arRaheem.. hence i leave all my worries and prayers upon HIm.please join me in my prayer.that'll be greatly appreciated.

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