Monday, July 05, 2010

mouth vs. hands

speaking is different from writing. on a piece of paper, you can first draft the points, write down the sentences and make adjustments and correction whenever and where ever you wish.and finally d final form which you are satisfied with is the only product that people will see from you.

but speaking is a different issue.surely you can plan what you wanna speak in d mind first, but will it be relevant within the period of conversation or communication between two parties? are you gonna say "erm..let me think what i'm gonna reply first.." lol..

this is one of my worries..(regarding the practicum; which is just around d corner) = communication in the classroom, with the students.what if i get stuck and could not clearly express what i am thinking or express it in the wrong way? how about if i could not find the appropriate word to describe my message? uh..
and honestly, i am not much a good speaker.i think i can write better than speak.oh, and it is especially when i am much concern about how my performance (at the particular time)is.dang~

i gotta have to be involved in more conversation in english.i need to brush up my speaking skills, moreover, i need to really add on to my vocabularies index.aihh..hopefully this two weeks left would be enough for me.

p/s: people said if you are too anxious, things will go worse.hence i'll stop worrying too much instead, i'll work on my improvement and see how thing goes.oh, and may i find the beauty of tawakkal..insya Allah

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