Wednesday, July 21, 2010


another few days before going for the i ready to be part of the school? how will i be doing in SMK Ibrahim? will i be able to get along with that number one school? (as printed on the students' shirt) oh..i hope i will

dis morning was my turn for the personal rating was 6/10..
reasons being:-

> voice projection is a total degrading factor.apart from insufficient amount of volume, the tone is rather monotonous.sigh.
> body language, style of presentation and enthusiasm is not shining anywhere from d beginning until d end of d slides.sigh.
>mispronunciation accompanied my speech most of the time.SIGH

ok, now, considering about the practicum which is due dis Sunday, 25th July...

-teacher should have loud voice for better classroom control (p/s: will my voice survive during the fasting month? hopefully..amin)
-interesting presentation..interactive conversation will grasp students' attention better
-teacher's speech is a crucial element..especially d pronunciation! oh, n not to forget grammar..

current mode: anxious..

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