Saturday, July 10, 2010

ups and down


feel bad towards the two kids..sorry abdah n izah..we had to cancel our plan for morning cycling bcoz of my back-ache..we'll go for another time, i promise..insya Allah..

hm..these few days i've been intimate enough to my bed.almost half of the day i'm lying on the bed.but i'm praying that all these are not for nothing (hoping..wink2..please ya Rabb..may this be a kaffarah to clean up my sins..amin3..)

recovered from slight fever (err..quite bad at times..hohoo) yet got back-ache dis morning.i'm worried if it's a sign of more serious'uzubillah~

oh, (excited mode) as i've been talking about cycling earlier, yup, we've gotten our bicycle from tini's house yesterday.quite a hard time to get those 2 bicycle into CCQ xxxx but we've made repaired it-send to a bicycle shop of course :p- and d repair guy help us to put d cycles back, in such an easy dat's why things will become easy once u noe how things should be done. =)

dis morning, as d cycling plan is cancelled, i end up eating roti canai at d front.after 2 years.hoho.still, d same roti-canai maker..n d same taste. (",) oh, not to forget d nenek at d nearby stall, selling kueh n nasi lemak.hehe.. we've been stuffing much n many foods ever since we've stepped into sg. petani.yet, much consideration needed to be taken, esp concerning on money spent.huhu..pray dat d allowance will be in soon..soon enough..

p/s: kueh talam by d junction at Taman Ria Jaya also nice! again, d exact same kueh n kueh seller since last 2 years. =)

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