Tuesday, April 12, 2011

final battle of the students' life

it has been a while..
it has been 4 months of the final semester..
i attended the last class for two subjects of the semester in this morning
oh, prior to that..all assignments had been handed in, in fact the carry marks has already been keyed in, at the upsi portal.

ooh, and the biggest thing of the semester (i supposed).. the project paper was submitted on 7th April of 2011.. congratulations to myself and to all dearest cohort 4 members who have made it till the last..

one fact that can't be challenged; all of these can't be made true without Allah's will. Allah is the one who has made the path easy for us, or if it is hard, surely He has made it in such way for some beneficial reasons to us. insyaAllah.

so now here comes the final battle. the final examination of the final semester. before the mark of the end comes. before everything being a part of history of the so called 'students' life' (ooh..tears need to be kept till the end...not now..not yet.. :p )

exam is a common thing for each and every semester [except for previous semester as we only had practicum and one subject of linking theory to practice].. yet this final exam seems a lot different to me. i am not fully and totally motivated to get myself prepared for it. such a disastrous attitude. i know. uh~ i need to quickly get the remedy for this. i can't let this to continue. erm... is it because i felt comfy enough with my current PNGK? duh. i can't deny that. or is it because i already feel like it's almost the end so no need for worry or hurry? or is it just myself getting lazy and lazier as i grow old and older??!

whatever reasons i may have listed, i need to remind myself that islam does not favor such attitude. laziness is not a suitable trait for a muslim. plus, there is du'a for preventing one from becoming a lazy person. SO FARINA.. PLEASE SHAVE OFF LAZINESS FROM THE DICTIONARY OF YOUR LIFE AND GET STARTED WITH THE EXAM PREPARATION!!

oh, another reminder: betulkan niat supaya amalan diterima. jom cari redha Allah. kalau tak, sia2 lah penat lelah dalam segala hal.. betul tak? jom3...

p/s: i love cendol. let's have nice icy cendol.. hihi..

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