Thursday, May 19, 2011


okay..currently reporting from kg. Kepong, Kuala Terengganu..

* 6 years of B.ed TESL study has officially ended and i'm home after a long period of being away from house.. yup, it really feels good to be home.. (",)
* waiting for KISSM (kursus sistem saraan Malaysia) which is most probably be held somewhere around June
* right now doing necessary household chores as my sister (k.Cah)'s wedding is getting closer..this 4th June.. some renovation has been done at home.. [quite some changes happened, after 3 months i left home and stayed at IPSAH]
* graduation and convocation supposedly be held around July
* posting?? some rumors said our batch would be sent to schools by 1st June.. but i really hope it is really only rumors..huhu.. (am i ready to go out and teach? wallahualam.. but i better be..hihi)

oh ya.. this morning, i received my first lucky draw present.. i mean hamper. as i can remember, if there is any lucky draw, i'm not the one with the luck..meaning my number never ever been called in any lucky draw..not at school..ipsah..upsi..anywhere.. but today, i got it..there was a program organised by the Klinik Kesihatan at our place, for women.. to raise awareness about cancer.. breast cancer and kanser pangkal rahim (servic cancer, is it? not sure..) quite some useful information i got from the talk. if i've some time i'll share it in my blog, insyaAllah.. =) oh, back to the lucky draw. so the organiser prepared some hampers for those who attended the program and i'm one of the lucky person. number 61. =) oh, the doctor prefers to use the term 'cabutan rezeki', which means 'rezeki saya pagi tu dapat hadiah yang diberikan..'

oh..and yesterday we celebrated mum's 54th birthday at secret recipe.. thanks for everything mum..may you'll always be under Allah's bless and guide.amin.

ok, that's all for now.till then. assalam~

p/s: sorry for any grammatical mistakes..quite in a hurry

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