Saturday, May 21, 2011


after 6 years.. a lot has happenned..
but one thing for sure, nothing can happen without Allah's will
and whatever, however things has happened to me, i am just grateful, for i believe He has arranged the best for me.

once i regretted for leaving behind the science stream at matrix and for deciding to enter the teaching profession, yet it doesn't really matters now (besides, the decision was made with His signs too.. so things would be fine, insyaAllah)

and today, i checked my final results.
i just can't stop feeling blessed.. feeling thankful
to Allah
to my parents
to my friends
to my lecturers

well, for some people such academic stuff does not matter much
but for me, it does
because these things have been done in HIs name,
and once it shows the result, i just can't deny the blissful feeling.

alhamdulillah, all praise due to Allah, the Lord =)

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