Thursday, March 04, 2010

can you do me a favor?

ya ukhti...

if you see me drowning in the laughter,
without a glance of remembrance to the afterworld,
remind me that the rightful laughter should be in heaven..

when you see me becoming too busy,
with the hustle and bustle of the temporary world,
until i forgot to stop and show my gratitude to Him,
tell me, He love those who always remember and praise HIm..

ya ukhti..

if ever my words hurt
or my acts harm
kindly help me to realize
and forgive me for such carelessness

ya ukhti,

support me, advise me, remind me..
in the name of ukhuwwah fiLlah...
and let us pray, that by doing so
He will keep us both under His mercy and guardian

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