Friday, March 19, 2010

pleasee... ='(

ya Rahman..i need strength..please...

i badly need it..i'm begging u..
as a poor person begging for some money to buy food.
as an injured person asking for help..

indeed You are the Almighty..
i beg You..pleasee..please...

their bond will always be thicker than mine.i need strength to accept the fact and be grateful with what i have..please ya Rabb..dun let me succumb to this ungrateful and nonsense feeling..

i beg You..please...please...
You are the one with greatest love..let me feel the love i have rather than looking for the one i feel that i don't have..

ya Raheem...i need You..i really need You... isk..i am afraid i will keep repeating my mistakes..

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