Saturday, March 13, 2010

horrible terrible

dat's wat i can say for dis semester.
n i noe, d result is surely be terrible n horrible too..isk..
serves me right.
too much playing around.too much leisuring.too much sleeping.
pushing everything to d last last LAST minute ever..
crying is not d solution.but d tears shows d regret.

sigh..arRahman has shown HIs mercy way too much yet i did not show my gratitude.
i use it wrongly.continued to lazing around.

every lil bit shows d remarks of my terrible horrible cincai work.
sigh.have i been forgotten abt my aims? what has happened to me?

dis is it.
enuf wif all regret.
i noe.things has happened.

yes,dis terrible mark wil remain i noe.
perhaps d gap will be way big from prev sem.
(but be not lower than dean pliss..*pray*)
n it shud be a big-enuf slap to wake me up from my long dreaming.
thanks arRAheem..

facebook, i'll be away for now.see u later.

ya Allah, guide me..n forgive me for my wrongdoings..


fatimahazzahidah said...

Insya Allah everythings will be alright...even if it is really terrible, somehow, someone out there face even terribly terrible probs... Allah bg ujian utk uji iman kte, but in d same time, He want to hear suara hati kita yg merayu pd Dia, yg mengharap n sntiasa tawakkal kpd Dia dlm USAHA kte...=)
S.A.B.A.R is d only key Allah had ask us to do bila DIA uji...
sabar n be brave my dear sister...
teruskan menulis klau acik rase itu blh legakan hati acik...=)

farina said...

alhamdulillah.. =)
thanks k.long!

fatimahazzahidah said...

anything happen, let's walk with HIM...=)
miss all of u dear friends...