Thursday, November 24, 2011

SPP interview (23rd November, 2011)


alhamdulillah, all praises be to Allah s.w.t coz He made things went smooth for the interview yesterday. [initially i was rather worried coz i didn't really prepared in details for certain subject matters which some of my colleagues have spotted for the interview.] and alhamdulillah too, many kindhearted cohort 4 friends including my classmates and cohort 4 all over the Malaysia (TESL program) have shared useful, helpful links, notes, reminders, and such. really appreciate it. alhamdulillah =)

dad and bibah, my little sister accompanied me to the interview place. mum sent me with hug and prayers. luv you all..thanks ya Rabb for such blissful happiness you gave, tho little yet fact, such giving is actually some piece of Your great love towards me, alhamdulillah..

i was in the same group with my classmate, faiz and another two guys from IPGM kampus batu lintang in sarawak, yet all of us are from terengganu. since i was the only girl in the group, most of the time the interviewer would ask his questions to me first. in fact it was an advantage for me. alhamdulillah again..hehe ^,^ overall, i managed to answer the given questions, though i did missed some..grin..perfection belongs solely to Allah the merciful =)

okay, so here are some of the questions he asked us/me; which i could still remember..pardon my grammar.still polishing them.grin.

1. introduce yourself in English. oh! i made kinda funny mistake here, as i was the first, i actually started to talk about myself in Malay! hehe. i said "assalamualaikum, nama saya nor farina eh!'" daa, a bit panicked yet the battle must go on. :p so i corrected myself and began to converse in English.alhamdulillah.
2. why i chose teaching English when i was actually from science stream? my reply: because i think i have more passion towards the English language.. ^_^.. [oh, reminded me to my English teachers back in school..hehe.. and i'm gonna make sure that my students will fall in love with the language too..cewaah :p]
3. next, what position were we applying for. oh, for this question i missed only one word! the answer is: pegawai perkhidmatan pendidikan siswazah DG41 - i missed out the word 'perkhidmatan'. hee.the reason for the interviewer to ask this was because logically as a person who applied for any job should by right know what position he/ she is applying for. indeed. :P FPK (falsafah pendidikan kebangsaan) or the national philosophy of education. again, it was me again as the first one to answer and was really an advantage for me, because i just have to tell what is the fpk, word by word; and it wasn't a problem for me coz i have already memorized it.heee..alhamdulillah =D it gets tougher for the person after me when the interviewer began to ask for details about the philosophy.phew~
5.oh, the next one wasn't a good one for me.i didn't come across the word/term 'gabung-jalin' or in English: integration. i understand the concept just that i couldn't relate it to the interviewer's question. never mind.
6.after that was about teaching theory if i'm not mistaken. alhamdulillah, i was able to explain on my choice of theories well. i chose cognitivism as proposed by jean piaget and humanism theory related to the multiple intelligences theory by howard gardner; with my rationale and justification. =) --> all knowledge are from Allah. alhamdulillah i was able to learn and understand it. =)
7. then it was about RPH (rancangan pengajaran harian-the red record book for teachers) again, alhamdulillah, i got to know from the previous groups (oh, mine was the last group) that the interviewer would ask about it. he asked what should be in the rph and i was able to answer well i think.hehe.coz i just happened to have a look at my rph few days before while preparing all the necessary documents for the interview. =D
8. what else yaa..about belanjawan if i'm not mistaken. he asked us bout belanjawan and all of us were just thinking bout the 'peruntukan perbelanjaan' and stuff..and we forgot the most important thing, that is 'what are the sources for the money that to be spent??" hehe.. well.of course one should be able to identify his/her sources of income before thinking about spending it.hehe.big grin. :p and oh, he asked us whether our government's belanjawan is deficit, balanced or surplus.dang.i was puzzled.i replied deficit but i can't explain what is deficit.haha.
9.what do we read about any current issues.a boy replied SEA games and i was like, oh my! please..i don't read much on that except for watching the football match between harimau muda and the garuda team; witnessing the sweet success.apart than that= zero. luckily, we got to choose our own topics.phew. so mine was on the lifelong learning.alhamdulillah. =)

ok, i know..a lot of alhamdulillah(s) up there.hehe.ya, because i really felt grateful, for all His help.
so, never stop praying to Allah.and learn to always be grateful, and myself also is still learning to practice it.oh, and for sharing; practice this (for those who didn't know before)
- pray Rabbi yassir wala tu'assir [o God, make it easy and don't make it hard]
- pray Rabbishralli sodri, wayassirli amri, wahlul uqdatan min lisani yafqohu qouli (i think many are familiar with this dua') [ya Allah lapangkan dadaku, permudahkan urusanku, dan leraikan simpulan di lidahku serta lancarkan pertuturanku]
-recite surah alam nasyrah


so, hope to hear good result soon.preparation and interview, tawakkal upon Allah.
for those who will be interviewed tomorrow, all the best of luck, and my prayers for all of you.
have a good day.



Riko said...

Bile start jd cikgu(pegawai perkhidmatan pendidikan siswazah)??

farina said...

masih menunggu jawapan..tu yg paling x best tu =)

Riko said...

bpe lame agak2 kne tnggu..
hopefully cik farina berjaya hendak nye...

farina said...

taktaulah, tak dapat dipastikan.
thank you for the dua'