Saturday, January 01, 2011

final sem..finally!

okeh, it might sound nice to know i'll be ending my 6 years course soon

the final fight is such a scary thing to think rite now.huhu..

why? first of all, the project paper a.k.a the thesis!! (which in fact i've put -1 preparation for it.dang.must catch up fast before it's too late..)
not enuf with dat, i'll be having other four subjects/courses as well..uuuuh~

errr..excuse me, cik farina..what's up with such negative attitude at the beginning of a new year???

whooopss.. =P

hey, it's 1st january 2011! happy new year everyone.
so let's mark this new year with great hope and positive determination..
and not to forget, the true battle must continue.. if possible, this year, let's run to HIM!! =)

ya Rabb, may it's still not too late for us to be grateful to Your blessings and for us to be good servant of Yours.. and good follower of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w..amin~

lastly, best wishes to all..for the year of 2011.

with luv, farina

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*az-zahidah* said...

Insya Allah... yep, let's run to HIM! =)
Selamat tahun baru achik!