Wednesday, January 19, 2011

to childish girl...

i love you..
you love me..
we are happy friends should be..
with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you..
won't you say you love me too?

my child,
spread the love out of sincerity
and never expect to get something in return..
only then you'll understand the true power of love

my child,
people show their love
in their very own personal way
so never ever jump to judgment
with your narrow minded mind..

my child,
if you really want to seek for eternal happiness,
remember that the true love is only from HIM..
as you seek for His bless
on top of anything in the world..

my child,
if ever you feel not loved by anyone,
remember, that's the dirty whisper
by the Satan..who never rest at peace
until your heart is filled with suspicious and hate
instead of love and peace

so my child..
keep the heart calm and the mind wise
before you decide to believe what you think
as what you think, might not be what it really is..

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