Monday, January 25, 2010

am i guilty? if so, forgive me..please..

i feel if i've created a gap.the i guilty?

maybe there is no gap at all.could be -as usual- it's just my feeling.false feeling.

but i see different reaction.the face and the eyes appear different in front of me.

am i guilty? how i wish it's just a false feeling.

is your serious face a sign? it's different.quietly i've been thinking and wondering if ever i hurt u again..coz i alwiz did without my realization.

is there anything upset u? could it be my writing? or my action and words? or what.. ? give me a clue..i can't figure it out..not that i didn't reflect.i did..

if i am the reason for ur bad feel, forgive me.hope u know how i appreciate u.
if i am the guilty, tell me so that i can stop doing the wrongs..

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