Wednesday, January 13, 2010

they do exist

i'm totally fresh by the time i lay myself on the bed.ironically the incident occurred despite d fact that i've juz finished reciting alMulk, 3 Quls, and ayaatul Qursy..Indeed He whom decides everything.

it was 00.12 by d time i closed my eyes.a sudden struck awaken me.a heavy pressure upon d chest urging my mind to think "gosh! is it dat thing??!" and i decided to step down from d bed.yet, upon thinking of dat my foot became too heavy and my hands are unmovable, like being nailed to d bed."Ya Allah, help me.."

during smkap days, students are much fond to say "if such thing happened, reach for ur nearest friends or call their name.."

mila! i need to call her name! at least come and touch me, please..or do awake so perhaps d thing might go..i can't! i tried to voice out but nothing produced.i kept struggling and kept trying to call her.almost in despair..ya Rabb..pity me, arRahman..

asma'alhusna! it's by d bedside where i left b4 i sleep, isn't it??! urgh! not even a finger moved.even to move my eyes from left to right to look at mila at d opposite bed was such an exhausting force.

i kept thinking about d book.and somehow, with the struggle i manage to sit! such a relief!!
quickly, i rushed to mila.she seemed a bit shocked.lying next to her yet d mind can't stop processing.mila suggested to recite any surah..

ya Allah, protect us from any unwanted incidents..
if You are to test us, may You give us strength to undergo it..

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