Friday, January 08, 2010

a weak heart

i am a person who is easily and much affected and disturbed by people's remark upon me.
or when i got to noe that people are displeased wif me.
hence d bad feeling starts to overwhelm and attacking me.
decreasing the level of confidence which is already low.
worse is; tears sometimes accompanied d process.(despite knowing the fact that tears rightfully belongs to arRaheem and shall fall only for HIM).

an incident affect me last night.childish and sensitive me.sigh.
to HIM i seek d strength and alhamdulillah, HE never sleep and always listen.

ya Rabb, i am grateful and thankful as You have given me a friend whom can help to calm and soothe fact those are from YOU, just that it comes to me through her..

what matters is not people's judgement; but how Rabb and Rasul see me.-reminder for me-

it feels different when the ukhuwwah is for HIM.together we shall help and remind each other to continue walking to YOu i pray that YOUr bless be with us and our families and friends.

* a friend of mine seems to have found the one destined for her.i pray that everything goes well and fine, and more importantly, may both of them unite under Rabb's blessing.

**another friend of mine said that to get a good man, we ourselves should be good first.hopefully my effort will double up after this.yet, to remind myself, it's not solely because of hoping for the man but to seek for a good man will lead his woman to the rightful track.insyaAllah.

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Fatimah Azzahidah said...

acik...harap n doa byk2 pd Allah (",)