Sunday, January 24, 2010

the dream of the apple (part 2)

the apple is swaying rather happily on the tree..the image of the young guy slowly fades away from her..she's not much bothered by him..what has happened to her?


few days before...
(after the apple thinks she's meet d guy of her dream)

the tree : are u sure that the guy is of your dream?

red apple : indeed! he seems to have all the qualities that i'm looking for.but...

the tree : but what dear?

red apple : i know i'm not as good as him. he fits for better apples..

the tree : then, how about you?

red apple : me? i don't know.

the tree : listen child..first, istighfar... coz unconsciously u were thinking of a guy who isn't anyone to u.neither muhrim nor husband.secondly, the way u praise him might be not great a person be, remember He who creates is indeed the Greatest!

red apple : astarghfirullah..forgive me ya Rabb..

the tree : another thing child.. do believe in Rabbul 'Alamin that He has decided the best for you.if you wish to have a great man, fix urself and try to be as great as the man u're dreaming for..inshaAllah if u two were destined, He'll make it easy for both of u.if not, probably another person is better for you.u may feel that d guy u're hoping for can lead you to HIm but..perhaps he doesn't really suits other aspects maybe.. could be, he's not the one written in LuhMahfuz for u..

~And (likewise) clean and chaste women are (specific) to clean and pious men while clean and pious men are exclusively for clean and chaste women. (surah anNur:26)


and so the red apple has returned to her calm mind and heart.she shall keep performing her rightful duties..
The END~~

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