Monday, June 22, 2009

exciting tho exhausting

huhu..juz about half an hour i've arrived home from kuantan =)

yaa, tired 4 sure..slight headache.stil, desire to blogging is higher than d tendency to
erm, 2days n a nite at mila's house give different flavours to my life menu dis week.

initially, dun really noe how to get along wif those people whom i've never met -mila's grannies..families..cousinss.. (wedding=family gathering, keep dat in mind =P )
oso, i'll be lost whenever mila, syafinaz n yaya started sharing stories coz i can't really join them in d talking.huhu..coz they're x-schoolmate i've done more wif d listening n laughing than talking.haha..kekok earlier but getting better than =)

heard quite stories from Mila's they get married young.never met wif future husband til wedding day.staying alone at home n almost being attacked by robber..about their grandchildren,etc2.. oh..alfatihah 4 my late granny, Chik..

d first day arrived, excitedly jump into mila's car n forgot to buy d ticket to go back to tganu! lol.luckily yoghee is sumwhere in town n she helped to buy d ticket.thanks geetz.
at mila's house, helped wif d bunga telur, doing d ribbon 4 d cute little boxes 4 d eggs..oso do d daun pandan cutting.went out around 11pm to TC-too crowded! next to Santai restaurant sumwhere at tanjung lumpur.had choc-ice blended (still missed ez cafe's one) n join mila yaya syafinaz chatting..laughing..-dozed off few minutes in d car earlier.haha.too tired from d journey perhaps.

then went to IKIP to sleep but d air conditioner is not functioning n they decided to go back to mila's house (nice sea view when u step out from d big house!) n by 2am i ended up sleeping not so soundly as i'm fighting d chilled air -without any blanket-coming out of d dun really like to sleep in such cold air.

wake up early d next day.subuh prayer.roticanai breakfast.bunga manggar preparation.listening to karaoke show.get my shower.dress up wif d kurung.waiting 4 d bride n distributing d telur in sangkar to bride's family n relatives.waiting 4 wif her n her friend.waiting n talking n waiting n eating n talking n waiting 4 nasrin.he comes.waiting 4 him to eat.snapped pic wif mila, geetha, len, geetha's friend at d beautiful wedding dais.went out to pantai batu hitam-ok, i love dis part, hihi-we go to d beach.walking by d beach side.drenched my kurung at d below part.collect some shells.walking at d slippery n hard black stones.writing names on d sand.stepped on len's name-LOL-snap some pics n return to mila's house.

ok, then i rushed 4 prayer, pack things, n off to terminal.n now, i've done wif d entry. =)

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