Friday, June 12, 2009

she loves...


-d fresh breeze from green surrounding.far better than air-conditioned one.

-chocolate drinks!! -uh..uhh...either hot or cold, they can make me drool!!

-bracelet!!!! (still..waiting for d most special one from my special

-full moon! oh, glittering stars can be great companion. -prophet Muhammad s.a.w is comparable to full moon f u might not know.subhanallah! (",)

-cat! wait, kitten is more adorable.hehee..

-ramadhan n eidulfitri compared to other months..hehehe...

oh, u're asking who am i talking about? she is me..hehehehe.. -sajo gedix..daa~

(actually many more in d list...)


Anonymous said...

ni nak marah bracelet yg aku ngan mila bagi x special la????


farina said...

makcik, special sumbody refers to my hubby to be..hikhikhik.... :p

of course d pink bracelet is alwiz d precious one 4 me darl. =D