Monday, June 08, 2009

time machine

well..such a machine never really exists till now.but there's sum other gadgets which are capable of bringing us traveling back to those periods when we're still too young to understand the true colour of the world. what gadget? sumthing dat has become such a candy to many people today.sumthing dat can be seen almost everywhere in any form, size, colour, shape..
ok, enuf wif d's sumthing dat can capture o freeze d current moment. getting close to d answer? -c.a.m.e.r.a.-

y out of sudden i'm talking bout dis? well, becoz of d camera, i can still see how i looked like once when i'm under age.-lol- soo comot.. haha...-my bro recently scanned few old pics of us back to our childhood lane..hoho.. here are some of them.. =)


Anonymous said...

woowoott...old school..memory lane yek.

farina said...

wah!congrats, u're d first to comment!.lol
hehe..balik umah memasing dok belek album lama.memory zaman comot.

dee aDjuSteR said...

gmbar ke-2,
mana rumah kamu??
istana pasir kah??
riang ria korang eh??

farina said...

haha..itu keja kakak aku yg suke men-tag cara
tu ah..rindu kan zezaman ribena nih.. =D