Friday, June 19, 2009

tomorrow to kuantan


to recall...i've not been to kuantan 4 quite a time.d last time was when my family is still staying in pahang.but at dat time i juz made use of d kuantan terminal to wait 4 my dad to come n pick me up after waving gudbye to saidatul as we've end our journey back from ipsah =) -those early years been in TesL *buzz! awake!* :P

hm, d last memory of going to kuantan parade is wif fatimah, when i'm still a student of KmpH (never met wif sue n len b4 though we're at d same matriculation!) n we had to get into sardine-like-bus provided by d college n struggle wif other matric studentssss. another time going to kuantan is wif azah as we are attending d smkap reunion. meet wif mila n she take us to eat at a stall,sumwhere nearby pantai *pantai ape ek... i slept over at my future sis-in-law's house (at dat time kak long is not married to balong yet)

n tomorrow i'll be going to kuantan again.nervous -am weakness- yet excited.
(mila, i'll wait at d terminal ea =D )

i've been to ruhi's house at malacca during her sis's akad nikah.
i've been to hcc's house at rawang during CNY
so now it's mila's house

ho jia ling's? let me collect some money 4 d airline tickets first.huhu....

p/s: i need help in tenses... grammar, duh!

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