Tuesday, June 16, 2009

holiday= apron+TV+bicycle

well..it's nice to be at home.plenty of time to do things which i've missed during hectic days around college-whc wudn't happened if i manage my time smartly.hehe-

apron: not much on cooking but more to dishwashing.lol.my sis alwiz assigned me to d sink department.lol.among all, i prefer to wash d plates most.

Tv: most of d series i've been watching during dis holiday (adding to movies in laptop n DVDs-hihi) have ended or almost come to d end. =D
Zati & si Mawas-as expected, happy ending..
Intan: last episode is on 22nd Jun
Mertua vs Menantu: almost d end -not sure bout d date
Safira: sigh...
Cinta Indah: bigger sigh...

bicycle: really enjoy dis! around 6.15pm wif my little sis, cycling around d neighbourhood -have a peep at d cute mystery neighbourboy wif d walking stick(accident ka?)-LOL- wif nice breeze. hoping to see good result from d work out.grin~

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