Saturday, June 13, 2009


went to syurga tudung-8 minutes from home- wif kakde. hunting for suitable red cloth to be matched wif d red, already have a pair of baju raya now. (is it too early? hehe..) later found another piece of cloth,n we made our own match for d kain n nah, one more pair for eidul fitri.complete wif d matching veil.ngeee... :P my initial plan is to look for matching veil for d baju kurung dat i've planned to wear to mila's bro's wedding.but cudn't get one.huhu.nevermind, d cream veil will do i guess.oh, met 2 of my smkap juniors there.e'ein and eirah -syikin n munirah-

(they are tall, slim..beautiful.. can at least my pimples all gone? -lol)

oh, talking bout smkap..something rings a bell.. i was a school prefect there.n to recall, i'm a very strict i can have a list of students talking at my back.haha..can't deny dat..-juz trying my best to carry out my responsibility given by the discipline teachers.cud it be dat i tried too much? huhu.coz i believe all will be counted in later life.huhuhu.n s d result, i got a number of titles. d most funny is : harimau! people who tell me bout dis said it's because of my seldom-smile-face n my strictness.. other titles: g-pang.. skema..etc..etc..
haha..memories beb. dang~ oh, n i was slim too.LOL.coz one of my senior juz commented on how i've put on some weight! nevermind, another motivation to work harder.ngee.. =D

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