Thursday, June 25, 2009


more or less than a week i'll be returning to tg malim, continuing wif d 5th semester.will everything be okay? will the lecturers be nice and will i be able to hand in those assignments by submission days? or i'll (again) repeat my bad habits of postponing and doing last-minutes works? -plis dear, cure this disease!-

can't wait 4 ramadhan to visit us again! =) but will i be able to live till then? -hehe (d wisest is d one who alwiz remember abt death rite, let's make it a custom of our daily life)

oh ya, another thing dat i'm worried is abt future housemates..not that i'm worried abt them but i'm worried abt myself making mistakes wif my words or doings and causing unwanted things to'uzubillah..but..ya, worried abt dat..will trifles affect d frenship? hopefully things will be juz fine, or betterwise strengthen our unity, amin..

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